New Round of Readings

I love doing readings for people, and recently I've been offering free readings on this site. The readings I've done have been Tarot, Channelled, Oracle Cards and Pendulum. I do whatever I'm guided to when I sit down with your question in front of me. I call in your spirit guides, angels and soul energy, as … Continue reading New Round of Readings


Are you an Earth Angel?

We've spoken about connecting in with angels and enlisting their assistance in your life, but did you know angels can incarnate? Earth Angels are usually very sensitive people who feel deeply driven to help people and / or the planet. They often care for animals, people more disadvantaged than themselves, and the environment. They become … Continue reading Are you an Earth Angel?

Something to know about Archangels

The other day I was asked a great question about the angels which I wanted to share here too. She said; so many people I've spoken to say they have Archangel Michael as a guide. Isn't he stretched pretty thin? How can he be a guide for so many people?  The spirit realm doesn't quite work the … Continue reading Something to know about Archangels

Energy Forecast for 2016

Can you feel it? This year is gearing up to be big. We've been preparing for years, even decades, and the time is finally upon us. Our cage door has flung open and it's time to fly. 2016 is the year we'll finally be able to follow our hearts desires. So if you've been unhappy in your work then … Continue reading Energy Forecast for 2016

Are you being called?

If you are seeing repeating numbers, such as 222, 333, 444, or 11:11 you are being called. You can choose to ignore your calling, and your life will continue in the same way it has been going. Or, you can choose to answer. There isn't a clear cut definition of what to do to answer … Continue reading Are you being called?

Repeating Numbers – let’s work them out

It's clear so many of us are seeing repeating numbers and previously I've done articles (click here to read or click here) regarding what the numbers mean in a general way. However I feel it's time to ramp it up and get more specific. What are YOUR repeating numbers telling YOU? Repeating number sequences is a … Continue reading Repeating Numbers – let’s work them out

You can talk to the angels – here’s how.

Let's get one thing clear, making a connection to the spirit world is possible and can be a reality for all of us. Whether we're aware of it or not we all have this ability. It might help to think of it as a seed within all of us, that some people water, feed and … Continue reading You can talk to the angels – here’s how.

Free Readings

Hi All - I am offering free readings. I have been doing readings for friends for some time now and would love to extend my circle of people to practice with. They would be guidance readings and I work with oracle cards, angels and guides. To qualify please 'follow' my blog, and then respond to … Continue reading Free Readings