Inner Demons

I'm a writer. The journey to realising that and being able to write it down has been tough. And I can see I always have been - a writer that is. I have piles of journals dating back to when I was little. Always penning it down. My thoughts, my dreams, my fears. But I … Continue reading Inner Demons


Heal Your Body Issues

  I had an interesting experience of realisation in the bath yesterday. Yes I know...The bath 🙂 I've put on a few kg's recently and as I looked at my belly and legs it would have been easy to slip into old habits of abusive thoughts - so fat, gross, disgusting. But instead I looked at … Continue reading Heal Your Body Issues

The Big Blocker of Happiness

There's something so strong that keeps us stuck in the reality of illusion, pain and struggle. It holds us to our painful past and prevents us from seeing who we really are and becoming all that we can be. The big blocker of happiness, keeping us trapped in a painful, hateful and hurtful world is... … Continue reading The Big Blocker of Happiness

Out of my comfort zone

I am the biggest creature of habit. As soon as I've done something - like gone to a cafe, driven a particular way, or cooked a meal that I like, then I will continue to make it, go there or do that, in the same way for years. It makes me happy because it is … Continue reading Out of my comfort zone

How to feel better about yourself

Paradoxes never ceases to amaze me. Our world is full of them and when I find another one I feel like I have figured out the next clue to help me navigate through this game of life. The latest paradox I have been reflecting upon is how we constantly judge and define all the ways … Continue reading How to feel better about yourself

Appreciate Me!

It occurred to me recently that I had become that person who repeats that cool thing I did last week, just in case you didn't hear the first time... The person that once again squeezes into conversation that good deed I did or the idea that I came up with - emphasizing the 'I'.... I … Continue reading Appreciate Me!