What to Know for 2018

Congratulations on surviving 2017! healing, life, love, blog, 2018, prediction, energy forecacst 2018, 2017,

Many people were hit hard with health challenges personally, or for their loved ones. And along with the health challenges many of us experienced big life changes like moving house, changing jobs, changing entire career paths, and barely anyone was saved from being left questioning their reason for existence and purpose in life.

But don’t worry folks, while 2018 will continue to challenge us especially in the arena of life path and health, things will get easier. We’ll be able to cope better, our base line mood will begin to lift, and our overall energy, passion, and motivation for life will increase. Phew! Bring it on!

If you worked with the energy of 2017, you would’ve already reflected on what’s really important to you and you would’ve dropped the superficiality you previously attached to your life. That will really help with experiencing more ease in your life, and more depth in your relationships. If that’s the case then you’ll also enjoy a rise in your energy, and an uplifting of your being. If you haven’t done that as yet, then it’s time to stop what you’re doing and get real. We won’t be here forever, so it’s time for a life review and to ask yourself, how do you want to spend your time here on this planet?

What’s really important to you when you shed everything you’ve thought you were meant to care about, and everything you were told you needed to aim for?

Meditation will play a helpful role in the acceleration of our being and spiritual expansion in 2018. And investing time and even money into gaining a deeper understanding, and a better working relationship with your mind will prove invaluable. Things have changed and it’s not such a long road to heal our wounds and discover in a real way, more of our potential as an unlimited consciousness. So even if you’ve tried meditation, mindfulness or alternative therapies before, it’s time to give it another crack. You might just be surprised! Feel into what you’re drawn to and don’t overthink it. The time is right.

Exercise will also help the cause, and will be beneficial for experiencing more ease within this physical body. These two go hand in hand for our mind, body and spirit health and even combing the two and turning your walks or runs into a meditation practice will be beneficial. Also connection with other people will be important and will bring you much soul nourishment, so value your friendships and family.

But it’ll all be easier with the fiery energy available to us all in 2018! 

Inline image 1Call on the fire within you, and call in more energy and consciousness to your being. We’re able to hold a higher vibration which will make sailing through our lives easier, even through the stormy bits and tumultuous waves. So use it!

It’s time to drop the guard and open up more emotionally. You’re being urged to reach out more to loved ones and stop putting off those calls and catch ups. This is a difficult one for me, and I’ve already been pushed to sit in vulnerability and let people in. So if I can do it – so can you!

Our powers of manifestation are increasing, and you may already be experiencing a sense of thinking about someone or something and then it appears in your life. Have fun with this, but don’t get caught up in controlling your life and trying to manifest everything you think you want – remember, that while you may create your life there is a higher power that can help, a higher power that sees the bigger picture, in a much more holistic way than what we can down here on earth. Think of us as the ants with only a narrow, small viewpoint. Call on the loving beings that guide you and the power of the universe.

Often when we get too caught up in the game of manifestation we forget that we don’t have all of the answers, and when we focus too hard on what we think we want, we actually block an even better reality, one that we couldn’t even have imagined, from taking shape in our lives.

Best wishes for 2018, enjoy the new energies and work with them. It’s time for us to enjoy flowing with the river instead of always fighting against it.

With love,


Energy Reading for October 2016

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October is here and many people feel ready to see the end of 2016. It’s been a huge year. That’s right, it may have felt like it was just you, but it’s actually been BIG for everybody.

We’ve all been going through a time of great upheaval.

Change is afoot and is affecting our lives in a major way. People are moving  house, changing jobs, getting fired, ending relationships, getting sick, recovering. And this is all part of the energetic plan for 2016.

2016 is a completion year. It’s a 9 year.

The meaning of 9

A 9 year is all about endings, resolution and completion. We get the chance to change what is not working in our lives, and if we don’t then we’ll get the old kick up the bum from the universe and it’ll happen anyway. Many people, who haven’t been proactively changing aspects of life that aren’t working, are now experiencing a sort of divine storm, bringing about the change that’s required.

We’re setting the stage for the way we truly want to live – the way our soul intended. And the way we go into 2017 determines the platform for the next stage of our lives.

This is a great time to embrace change. To no longer put off the things you’ve wanted to do. To follow your heart’s desires and to slow down, and listen to your soul. It’s calling to you; but it whispers, sending subtle messages to you which can be easily missed.

It would serve us too, in this completion year, to review any pain we hold in our hearts. This is a year to leave the past behind us, however we can only truly do that through forgiveness. Forgiveness gives us the gift of letting go of the past through love, instead of burying it and hoping it’s no longer affecting us.


How to create more ease

  • Try as best you can to accept change into your life as quickly as you notice it occurring. For it’s the resistance of change which brings about our suffering.
  • Reflect back on the changes that have been occurring and find aspects to be thankful for.
  • Review your past heartbreaks and pain from a place of loving compassion and understanding. Try to see the perspective of another and allow them to be a human just like you, who may not have all of the answers and is just doing their best.
  • Meditate on how you would like your life to be. What’s important to you at the end of the day? And how could your life reflect this more?

What does this mean for October?

October is our chance to take flight. Changes are still occurring however many have been made and this invites next year’s 1 energy into our reality. That’s where the fun begins!

This month is your chance to follow those little urges of the heart, and the universe will be right with you holding your hand, and encouraging you every step of the way. Following your calling and your soul’s path will be easier, so even if there’s something that you feel has ‘failed’ in the past, yet your heart still yearns for it – go for it now. All is aligning for a higher path, one of happiness and fulfillment. All it takes from each of us is courage. 

A note to go away with

It’s been a stressful time for a lot of people, so lets remember that and help each other out a little. If a waitress snaps at you or someone cuts you off in traffic, why not try and send them some love, instead of reacting and biting back. You never know what’s going on for them and what kind of day they’ve had.

Soften into your heart and let yourself dream. What does your heart want to do? Your soul’s urges are often not big profound actions, they’re small and joyful, and often the greater path will not be revealed until you’ve been following your small urges first.

Now is the time for flight. 








Energy Forecast for 2016

Can you feel it? This year is gearing up to be big.

We’ve been preparing for years, even decades, and the time is finally upon us.

Our cage door has flung open and it’s time to fly.

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2016 is the year we’ll finally be able to follow our hearts desires.

So if you’ve been unhappy in your work then it’s time to listen to the cry of your heart and do something about it, before the universe does it for you. But either way, you’ll no longer be able to ignore your heart and carry on like a zombie, miserable and feeling hopeless. Your sense of power won’t let you.

If you’re in an unhappy relationship, then things will come to a head (if they haven’t already). And don’t worry because it’ll be for your highest good – even if it feels hard or like rejection at first.

If you’ve been putting things off and ignoring the messages of spirit, then watch out, as you’re about to start the action phase in a major way. You won’t be able to help moving forward as opportunities will find you – especially if you say a big YES to the universe and let help in.

A big energetic transformation is at play right now, and it’s time to get on our board and ride the wave. It’s all there for us this year, forward momentum, energy, and direction, and we’re being urged to dig deep and get honest about who we want to be and what we want to be doing.

But don’t worry if you’re not experiencing all of this just yet because January is still a time for laying the foundations. There is still time for us to make way for the new by getting rid of what no longer serves us. And if we do, we’ll be greatly rewarded, because throughout late January all of the pieces of the puzzle will find their place for a soul’s progression into February and the rest of the year.

This is not the time for hiding, or deceiving yourself and others. 

Your heart is calling to you, and you’ll no longer be able to ignore what it says. And this will be easier than before, because one of the main differences you’ll experience in 2016 is you’ll no longer listen to the voice of doubt inside of you. It may still rise up, offering you scenarios of what might go wrong, but you’ll feel your own conviction and power in a much stronger and more tangible way.

You’ll no longer let the voice of self-doubt win.

This will help in following your heart’s urges because you won’t shut them down as easily. It’ll feel as though you no longer have the ability to ignore them. Our Spirits are rising through the dense cloak of the very physical world we’ve been living in, and becoming more visible (and audible) in the new dimension.

This may also give you the feeling of being transparent, as if you can no longer hide angels, spirit guides, spirit, awakening, spiritual awakening, how to, what does it meanhow you really feel. People will respond differently towards you, and if you don’t speak up they’ll be able to ‘hear’ it from you anyway (just as you’ll be able to ‘hear’ theirs). As we lose the dense cloak we would’ve once hidden beneath, energy will speak louder than words, so it’ll help to be honest with yourself and with others.

And just as our own Spirit becomes more easily felt and experienced, so too does the spirit realm. 2016 is the year for making connections to the spirit realm – connecting to your spirit guides, the angels, and loved ones who have passed away. Even if you’ve never connected into them before.

We’ve been awakening for a few years now, and another big veil has been pulled away, revealing gifts that have previously been hidden.

Follow your urges and your secret wishes, as they are the clues to what you’re meant to be doing. Most of you will know what that is deep down, and others will need a little help to find it, but our paths are becoming clear. They want you to acknowledge what is important to you and use that as your guide.

2016 isn’t the year for procrastination, it’s the year for action.

And don’t feel as though you need to start off running, pushing or forcing things to happen. That’s the energetic part that is building momentum all on it’s own. It’s there to help you, and all we need to do is quieten down inside of yourself and focus your attention on what is important.

You are also being urged to ask for help and guidance from your spirit team, as they are there stronger than ever, waiting for your invitation to help.

Happy travelling!