Cosmic Play

When you realize yourself as completely empty and devoid of all form, this is wisdom. When you realize yourself as the fullness of love overflowing itself without object, this is bliss. And when you are aware of yourself incarnate in the appearance of form, this is leela. -by Eli Jaxon-Bear The word Leela is used … Continue reading Cosmic Play


Lucid Dreaming Experiment continues

The Lucid Dreaming experiment continues and although I haven't woken up in my dreams yet, I'm remembering more details when I wake the following morning. I started my dream journal last week and each morning have written down my dreams. I feel very far away from actually becoming alert and aware within my dreams, but I … Continue reading Lucid Dreaming Experiment continues

What’s your life purpose?

  Seriously, that question has done my head in for most of my life. And it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I started to question the whole idea as just that - an idea. I'd always assumed it was a fact - that each of us have a life's purpose and when we … Continue reading What’s your life purpose?

What I see in the word Trump.

When I see news about Trump, what I actually see is people using him to divide themselves from other human beings - and acting as though it's him doing it and not them. I see people using his name to abuse other people, and to be mean, heartless and disconnected, and all the while feeling justified in … Continue reading What I see in the word Trump.

Does Your Life Feel Complicated?

The only aspect of life we can truly control is our state of being. And when we master that, everything else falls into place. But we complicate our existence.  Correction... Ego complicates. Spirit simplifies. What areas of your life feels complicated and a mess right now?  Have you let your ego-mind take the reigns? Do you … Continue reading Does Your Life Feel Complicated?

Let The Path Be Lit, And All Repeating Patterns Be Broken

  Tonight I've seen with eyes clearer than before. This afternoon I played out a scenario in my head which was very familiar to me, old but familiar. It hadn't come around for quite sometime and but was there again nonetheless. The repeating scenario began with me seeking help outside of myself. Calling up to … Continue reading Let The Path Be Lit, And All Repeating Patterns Be Broken

3 Powerful Methods to Protect Your Energy

To protect or not to protect, that is the question. There are so many differences in opinion on this topic, and it seems people from the old energy use (and swear by) putting a protective ball of light around them. That is one method you've probably heard of already, but it's one that I don't … Continue reading 3 Powerful Methods to Protect Your Energy

Energy Forecast for 2016

Can you feel it? This year is gearing up to be big. We've been preparing for years, even decades, and the time is finally upon us. Our cage door has flung open and it's time to fly. 2016 is the year we'll finally be able to follow our hearts desires. So if you've been unhappy in your work then … Continue reading Energy Forecast for 2016

Knowing this will eliminate road rage forever.

I often wonder how different the world would be if we chose to live more of our lives as our higher selves. I know there'd be many grand differences that would occur on a global scale, however one aspect of life that has come to mind recently that would diminish out of existence, is road rage. There would … Continue reading Knowing this will eliminate road rage forever.

For the Brave ones

We hide from who we really are, yet if only we were brave, we'd discover what we really are; is all we ever need. We'd answer every call for love, whatever package was delivered, so longing feelings could subside, along with hate and anger and greed. Only then the tides'll truly turn, gently forming something grand, cause the … Continue reading For the Brave ones