I’m stepping aside

I read a quote on awakening that stopped me in my tracks. "Man is God asleep. God is Man awake." The quote is seemingly so simple yet the power emanating forth is undeniable. It's like it contains the keys to the universe and if we only truly understood it, on a vibrational level in our … Continue reading I’m stepping aside


The Light Lives On – but it’s not out there.

I felt a great sense of relief today when I remembered that the answers I seek are not out there. And it only takes an instant, a moment of holy realisation to drop the search and shift the focus. No amount of perseverance, no job, no special love, no war won, no goal reached will bring … Continue reading The Light Lives On – but it’s not out there.

What I see in the word Trump.

When I see news about Trump, what I actually see is people using him to divide themselves from other human beings - and acting as though it's him doing it and not them. I see people using his name to abuse other people, and to be mean, heartless and disconnected, and all the while feeling justified in … Continue reading What I see in the word Trump.

Experiences we don’t understand

More people than ever are having spiritual awakenings, and even though these awakening experiences can be sudden and seemingly out of the blue, they offer us a taste of a euphoric reality that can be hard to come back down from. Essentially the process of spiritual awakening starts with the simple recognition that there is more going on … Continue reading Experiences we don’t understand