To Give The Greatest Gift

A gift free and readily available, yet so infrequently given. The gift of our full attention to another person. To not merely be in attendance with our physical body. To give a gift of the heart. It is free. It is always in stock and available to give. You might say this gift of attention, … Continue reading To Give The Greatest Gift


A Repeating Message from The Universe

Last night as I lay between being awake and slumber I received a very strong message. Focus on what you have.  It just kept repeating over and over, and I knew exactly what it meant. I am a spiritual seeker and for quite some time now, I've been receiving the message to stop seeking. However, … Continue reading A Repeating Message from The Universe

A Technique to Discover What Lies Within

This simple technique will only take a minute or two, and will help centre you deeply inside of yourself, with the intention to discover what's really within you. Gaze into the photograph. Let your eyes wander between what is visible above the surface and then down to the mysterious beauty below the surface. Breathe in a … Continue reading A Technique to Discover What Lies Within

Time for some Conflict Resolution – a simple exercise

Let’s start today, to create an improved connection to the peace which is already within us, for we cannot expect peace in our world if we’re yet to create peace inside of ourselves. Sit down or stand with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Notice all the parts of your body which touch something physical. … Continue reading Time for some Conflict Resolution – a simple exercise

Is your jaw tense right now?

What would it take for you to lighten up? A good place to start is to notice if you are tense. Often we can think we are relaxed when really we have just become used to being stressed! So we'll start with awareness. Bring your awareness to your physical body. Is your jaw and mouth … Continue reading Is your jaw tense right now?

Listen with your whole body

Recently I was reminded of how to listen. I know this might sound funny but I had forgotten. I had moved back into old ways of being and forgotten that, to truly listen to someone you need to listen with your whole body. It is most common these days to listen with our minds which usually, … Continue reading Listen with your whole body

Self-Healing Chakra Meditation

When you look at this image, what captures your attention the most? Don't think too hard about it, just glance at each image and the words beside it. Notice where your eyes want to pause or come back to. You might be attracted to the colour, the symbol or the words that are with it, … Continue reading Self-Healing Chakra Meditation

How You Can Benefit From Grounding

You may have heard the term 'grounding' along your travels, but it is easy to miss what that actually means and why it is beneficial to you. Grounding simply means to connect back into the energy of the earth, your roots, so to speak. In our fast-paced, high pressure society feelings of stress and anxiety … Continue reading How You Can Benefit From Grounding

How Do You Live?

  When we live asleep we shuffle along through life reacting to the drama and the details, and repeatedly play out memories of who we believe our self to be. When we are awake we choose who we are in each moment, discovering our Self; free of limitation and doubt. Living awake means living enlivened, as everything you encounter is a first time … Continue reading How Do You Live?

Do You Ever Stop Thinking?

When do your thoughts begin each day? Is there a moment just as you are waking that is before thought? Maybe even before you open your eyes? And what about when they end, just as you are drifting into slumber; is there a moment when you let go of all thought and thinking? Are there … Continue reading Do You Ever Stop Thinking?