To Give The Greatest Gift

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A gift free and readily available, yet so infrequently given.

The gift of our full attention to another person.

To not merely be in attendance with our physical body.

To give a gift of the heart.

It is free. It is always in stock and available to give.

You might say this gift of attention, is to give the whole world to one person.

A chance offering to each person you encounter throughout your day.

What could be more purposeful than that?




A Repeating Message from The Universe

Last night as I lay between being awake and slumber I received a very strong message.

Focus on what you have. 

It just kept repeating over and over, and I knew exactly what it meant.

I am a spiritual seeker and for quite some time now, I’ve been receiving the message to stop seeking. However, obviously since I’m still graciously being sent the same message in different ways, I haven’t quite got it. I’m struggling with finding a balance between my hunger for more, and letting it all go so I can discover truth within.

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“You Blew Me Away” by Penny Hardy

It seems to be coming to a head as yesterday in my meditation I had a very frustrating experience. I could tell I was pushing, trying and controlling. Wanting connections, seeking bliss, pushing for insight. And they pulled back. They let me sit in my own self created anguish, and boy it was frustrating.

Then right at the end, as I was coming out I witnessed a small round ball of light just sitting there inside of my chest. I couldn’t overly feel it, I just gained an awareness of it.

And it was as if it was crying out for me to sit with it. Not go into it, not expand it. Just sit with it.

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So that is where I’m at. It’s hard to not push forward, but the messages are clear.

Focus on what you have.

What are you overlooking?

What would happen if you ceased to push forward for one day, one hour or even one minute?

Can we ever truly let go? 

Graciously yours,



A Technique to Discover What Lies Within

This simple technique will only take a minute or two, and will help centre you deeply inside of yourself, with the intention to discover what’s really within you.


Gaze into the photograph.

Let your eyes wander between what is visible above the surface and then down to the mysterious beauty below the surface.

Breathe in a deep full breath of air through your nose, filling your lungs and expanding your abdomen.

Exhale all of the air through your mouth, as if you’re blowing out smoke from the depths of your body.

Let it go. Let everything go and gaze even deeper into the picture. Let your eyes go blurry and just breathe.

Continue oxygenating your body while your eyes move between what is above the surface to what is down below the water.

Ponder, when you look at the rock visible above the water, do you have any inclination of what may lie beneath?

What beauty is within you, that you are not seeing?

What do you think other’s experience when they encounter you? What do they see?

As you reflect upon these questions begin to imagine a rich world within you.

Let your inner world be reflected back to you through pictures, colours and shapes in your mind, just like those in the picture.

Imagine that world filling you up.

How does it appear?

What does your inner world contain?

Spend the next few moments in wonder of what may be within you, that you’ve been overlooking and not seeing.

What appears when you don’t limit yourself or put yourself down.

Get curious.

It’s not often we allow ourselves to be mesmerised by wonder – especially about ourselves.


This minute meditation gets more powerful the more often you do it.

With love and wonder,





Time for some Conflict Resolution – a simple exercise

Let’s start today, to create an improved connection to the peace which is already within us, for we cannot expect peace in our world if we’re yet to create peace inside of ourselves.

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Sit down or stand with your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Notice all the parts of your body which touch something physical.

The seat below you, your feet on the ground, your back against a chair.

Breathe into your abdomen. Offer your body deep, replenishing breaths of air.

Do that for you.

Now use your breath to gather up everything which is attached to conflict inside of yourself.

Breathe into the conflict in your mind and thoughts.

Breathe into the resistance and tension in your body.

With each exhale start to breathe all resistance, tension and conflict out of your body.

Say ‘I release conflict from my body, mind and energy.’

Breathe it all out.

Continue with this exercise until you start to feel lighter.

Then say ‘I choose peace for myself and all others.’

Repeat, ‘I choose peace, I choose peace, I choose peace.’

Choose peace today, in everyway.

Wishing you a peace-filled day,

where miracles come your way,




Is your jaw tense right now?

enlightenment, selfimprovement, self help, better life, how to, help, happy, happiness, stepsWhat would it take for you to lighten up?

A good place to start is to notice if you are tense. Often we can think we are relaxed when really we have just become used to being stressed!

So we’ll start with awareness.

Bring your awareness to your physical body. Is your jaw and mouth tight and tense Are your lips pursed? Are you shoulders raised slightly? Are you looking downward?

I catch myself many times a day holding a tense stance and it’s amazing how quickly you can feel better once you recognise how tight you are and then consciously release each part of your body. Often your mind follows suit with your physical body and you can experience a calmer state of mind by bringing awareness to your body first.

I start to lighten up by focusing on my physical presence: I loosen my jaw and let my mouth open slightly, moving my awareness to my shoulders, I move them around and let them fall into a relaxed, lowered position. Then I look upwards and let a small smile creep onto my face and look around. Sometimes I even gaze up toward the ceiling or the sky and then the final and most important step – I let out a big breath of air through my opened mouth. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Everything is okay. I am okay.

You are okay.

You can change how you feel at any moment. Sometimes this feels harder than other times, but it is always true. You don’t have to be bounding with happiness, but when we can lighten up everything becomes easier.
Let’s welcome ease and joy into our day.

I choose to smile at myself and the world. What do you choose for yourself?

Listen with your whole body

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Recently I was reminded of how to listen. I know this might sound funny but I had forgotten.

I had moved back into old ways of being and forgotten that, to truly listen to someone you need to listen with your whole body.

It is most common these days to listen with our minds which usually, is not even listening at all.

Its thinking.

Thinking about the next thing to say, thinking about how you look to the person speaking to you, thinking about what they think of you, thinking about what you think of them, thinking about what posts you’ve missed on facebook, thinking about what you’re going to have for dinner… I’m tired even just writing about all the thinking that goes on when we really should be listening.

Echkart Tolle explains it beautifully – to listen with your body. To take the attention away from listening and move into feeling. To receive their words, message, and energy through every cell in your body. To hear through your energy field.

Give it a go the next time someone is talking to you, take a big deep breath in and let your awareness drop down from your head and into your body. Feel your energy opening up to receive their words, feel your heart connecting with their heart, hear as though every pore is opening up to listen. Feel what they are saying.

When I did this everything instantly became more enjoyable. I felt as though I was connecting with this person on a much deeper soul level. I was hanging on every word they were saying and I was hearing so much more than just their words. I really listened. I really heard them. I heard what they were saying with their words and I heart what they were saying without any words, I felt their energy, and I connected to their heart. I felt them. We connected.

I am so happy I have been reminded about how to listen. When was the last time someone really listened to you?

When was the last time you really listened?



Self-Healing Chakra Meditation

chakra, self-healing, healing, how to, meditation, free, uplift, inspireWhen you look at this image, what captures your attention the most? Don’t think too hard about it, just glance at each image and the words beside it. Notice where your eyes want to pause or come back to. You might be attracted to the colour, the symbol or the words that are with it, so however it grabs your attention – it doesn’t matter.

When I gaze at the picture, my eyes land on “I Am”, the red image that correlates to the Root Chakra. Upon first glance I feel as though this is highlighting what I have been working on for a while now – understanding who I really am. I feel encouragement to continue and I will use this image for the meditation.

Which image stands out to you?

When you know which chakra you will focus on, stare at it and let your eyes blur a little. Notice what comes to mind when you stare at the image and breathe. You may already know which Chakra the image and words are for, however if not I have listed the common interpretations here.

The red image with “I Am” is the Root Chakra which is located at the base of your spine, the “I Feel” is the Sacral Chakra located behind your belly button, the “I Do” is the Solar Plexus and located directly upwards from your belly button at the base of your rib cage, the “I Love” is your Heart Chakra, located near your physical heart but usually for people it is more in the centre of their chest, the “I Speak” is your Throat Chakra at the base of your throat, the “I see” is your Third Eye located around around the centre of your forehead, in between your eyebrows, then the “I Understand” is your Crown Chakra centred around the top of your head.

As you consciously breathe, let your eyes fall closed. Visualise the image you were just gazing at as now being inside of you, in the physical location of the corresponding chakra.

Once focused on this energy centre within your body, hold your attention while you breathe for 3 cycles (3 deep inhales and 3 deep exhales). Now imagine a small ball of light that is deep within that same part of your body. Once you can feel, sense or see it within you, use your in breath to breathe into that part of your body – maintaining your focus (thoughts and awareness) on that spot.

Every breath in that you take breathes oxygen directly into the ball of light, filling it and encouraging it to grow and expand. Continue breathing into it as though you were blowing up a balloon that will never burst. See the ball of light growing bigger, stronger and brighter. Ask yourself, if the ball of light had a colour, what colour would that be? (It may be different or the same as the image above.)

If this part of your body and energy system feels blocked or closed off in someway, enlist the help of your exhale breath and breathe out any tension, blocks, or pain from this area. Establish a cycle of breath with every in breath filling the ball of light, and every out breath releasing tension, blocks, pain and thoughts.

Continue this cycle of breath until you establish a connection with the chakra – this connection will be an individual thing, unique for you. You may feel an emotion or even a physical sensation, you might see images or memories, you may notice thoughts presenting seemingly out of nowhere in your mind. Don’t worry if you are not experiencing a connection in the way that you think you should – no-one’s experience will be the same.

It’s all about discovering what is happening for you.

This exercise is a powerful self-healing practice and the more you do it, the easier it becomes. This is especially good to do if you feel out of alignment or unbalanced, low on energy, or just not yourself. It is also great to do if there is an area of your life that is challenging you.

Feel the power of tuning into yourself, nurturing yourself and healing yourself. What was this experience like for you?


How You Can Benefit From Grounding

Tree, meditation, healing, what is, how to ground, healingYou may have heard the term ‘grounding’ along your travels, but it is easy to miss what that actually means and why it is beneficial to you.

Grounding simply means to connect back into the energy of the earth, your roots, so to speak. In our fast-paced, high pressure society feelings of stress and anxiety are often generated from situations which are not actually life threatening, and leave us with an altered perspective on reality. Living this way for prolonged periods leaves us further and further away from reality and that these are not ‘real’ threats, and we can let the pressures of our job, relationships or home life consume us. This is where our minds can become overloaded with ego based thoughts, and we can get very down on ourselves and our situation.

Connecting back into the energy of the earth through grounding helps us to realign with the higher perspective available, it helps us remember what is important, and what is actually just a manufactured pressure or stress. Grounding helps us to release the energy of stress and anxiety, as well as release ego based thoughts that are usually stemming from fear, from our minds. By connecting back into the earth, our roots, we connect back into our deeper self, and the more regularly we do this the easier it becomes to cultivate a positive and calm state of mind.

Methods of grounding can include literally connecting with the earth, such as walking barefoot along the sand or grass, or hiking through a forest. As well as many forms of exercise which connect us back into our body and can promote lowering your state of awareness from your head and into your heart – what you might call getting out of your head.

Another way to ground is through meditation, where we ground back into ourselves, the higher perspective available, and out of our thoughts.

Close your eyes and breathe. Feel your body already beginning to release tension as you draw in full breaths of air – ensuring your abdomen moves out with each in breath. Now imagine you are sitting down at the base of an old oak tree, or any kind of tree. Imagine the tree with long branches that hang out over you, you can hear the rustling of the leaves, and feel a gentle breeze flow through your hair and across your face. Flickers of sun shine down through the leaves, warming your face, and glistening over your eyes.

As you sit beneath the tree focus on the centre of the top of your head. Slowly and gently move your point of focus directly down the back of your head. Taking your time. Follow the line very gradually down the back of your neck and into the top of your spine. Follow every inch of your spine down the curve of your back, moving even slower as your flow down, down, all the way to the base of your spine. Even saying the words in your head, over and over; down, down, down.

When you reach the base of your spine, imagine roots flowing out from your spine, just like the roots of this tree that you rest upon. They flow from your spine and into the grass and then into soil beneath you. Follow your roots as they meander home, spreading as far and as wide and as deep as you like. And as your roots connect deeply back into the earth move your focus back up to your head, and send any thoughts still in your head down the line that you have created, from the top of your head and all the way down your spine and into the earth. Continue doing this until your mind is clear and you have let go of your stress.

Thank the energy of the earth for helping you clear your mind and rejuvenate your energy.

How Do You Live?

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When we live asleep we shuffle along through life reacting to the drama and the details, and repeatedly play out memories of who we believe our self to be.

When we are awake we choose who we are in each moment, discovering our Self; free of limitation and doubt. Living awake means living enlivened, as everything you encounter is a first time experience.

How do you choose to live?

Do You Ever Stop Thinking?

Awakened, awake, mindfulness, happy, enlightenmentWhen do your thoughts begin each day? Is there a moment just as you are waking that is before thought? Maybe even before you open your eyes? And what about when they end, just as you are drifting into slumber; is there a moment when you let go of all thought and thinking?

Are there any other moments within your day that you are just experiencing, just being – without thought? Tiny moments where you experience reality as it really is, without any thought attached, without any learned meaning, history or memory.

You can even choose a moment right now; to experience yourself and the world as it really is.

Find something to look at; it may be your computer screen or a pen nearby or even your hand. Take a moment to breathe while you open your eyes to look at it; to really look at it and see what is actually there. Really seeing requires no thought, and as soon as a thought appears in your mind to help define what you are looking at, then you are no longer really seeing. You are now thinking.

What do you see when you are no longer thinking?