Why we dream.

Last night I had a dream that was so real and vivid, it was an all-encompassing sensory experience. I was eating octopus. It wasn't what I wanted or what I thought it was, and the sudden realisation I had tentacles in my mouth was disgusting. I ran to the bathroom and spat them out in the … Continue reading Why we dream.


The night I met me.

Last night in meditation I was bestowed a missing link I'd been overlooking in my healing journey to self love. The setting was a tranquil lagoon in which I was guided to witness something significant from my recent past. As I gazed down into the water I saw myself rising upward. Yep me, appearing exactly as I do … Continue reading The night I met me.

Heart Chakra Opening -a 2 minute technique

Read through the following instructions and then close your eyes to begin. Imagine a small ball of green light, just like a marble, sitting inside your chest in the middle of your rib cage. The green ball of light has swirls of dark coloured energy through it, and feels hardened. There is a small opening at the … Continue reading Heart Chakra Opening -a 2 minute technique

Channelled Wisdom, but from what Source?

All will come through the art of not-trying.  I scrambled for my pen, as my eyes opened from meditation. It is the unwinding of all the wound up parts of yourselves and your lives. It seemed the messages coming through were for more than just me. I wondered whom or what I'd connected into... And what if … Continue reading Channelled Wisdom, but from what Source?

A Repeating Message from The Universe

Last night as I lay between being awake and slumber I received a very strong message. Focus on what you have.  It just kept repeating over and over, and I knew exactly what it meant. I am a spiritual seeker and for quite some time now, I've been receiving the message to stop seeking. However, … Continue reading A Repeating Message from The Universe

A Soul’s Call

My Ego paints a future that's bright, while hastily ushering me away, from a past it swears was very bleak. The pattern lures me in, and I sleepily follow it's lead. Yet quiet whispers from a gentle spirit, remains to send the call. Left behind so many times before, yet continuing Her gracious wait, forever in the quiet. And when I … Continue reading A Soul’s Call

Does Your Life Feel Complicated?

The only aspect of life we can truly control is our state of being. And when we master that, everything else falls into place. But we complicate our existence.  Correction... Ego complicates. Spirit simplifies. What areas of your life feels complicated and a mess right now?  Have you let your ego-mind take the reigns? Do you … Continue reading Does Your Life Feel Complicated?

A Technique to Discover What Lies Within

This simple technique will only take a minute or two, and will help centre you deeply inside of yourself, with the intention to discover what's really within you. Gaze into the photograph. Let your eyes wander between what is visible above the surface and then down to the mysterious beauty below the surface. Breathe in a … Continue reading A Technique to Discover What Lies Within

You can talk to the angels – here’s how.

Let's get one thing clear, making a connection to the spirit world is possible and can be a reality for all of us. Whether we're aware of it or not we all have this ability. It might help to think of it as a seed within all of us, that some people water, feed and … Continue reading You can talk to the angels – here’s how.

Time for some Conflict Resolution – a simple exercise

Let’s start today, to create an improved connection to the peace which is already within us, for we cannot expect peace in our world if we’re yet to create peace inside of ourselves. Sit down or stand with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Notice all the parts of your body which touch something physical. … Continue reading Time for some Conflict Resolution – a simple exercise