It’s time to be thankful

Let’s take a moment to thank the spirit realm, universe, and your soul
for the signs we see.

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Painting by Justyna Kopania

For the feather that crosses your path,
the repeating numbers littering your day with special moments
222, 444 and 555 and on extra magical days it’s 11:11 as well.

For a smiling face floating toward you,
or a private message from a distant friend saying;
out of the blue, they thought of you.

Let’s be thankful for the hug that lingers,
and the message perfectly aligned with what you were already thinking.

It’s such a common place to ask, requesting this and that,
receiving signs yet it’s never enough
so asking again, again and again.

Let it be enough today
for the signs already seen,
and just say thanks.

Signs received,
Loud and clear.

by Sharon Cavill


The Most Powerful Method To Love Yourself

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How do you feel about yourself most of the time? Do you encourage and support yourself? Or are you the first to tell yourself that you’re stupid, or hopeless, or that no-one likes you, or you can’t do anything?

And if you’re the latter – which most people are – it’s okay. That’s all a learned behaviour and it can be unlearned.

It’s just that something happened in our past where we made a decision that we weren’t good enough, or that we were unlovable, or don’t deserve to be loved.

Just because you think these things doesn’t make them true.

And when life gets tough, it’s out limiting thoughts and beliefs about ourselves that rear their ugly head and bring us down.

And that’s why I’m writing this, because you can turn it around. We all can. And it starts with observing our relationship with love.

Do you get frustrated and annoyed with people? Do you find it easy to hate?

Then how can you really expect to be able to love yourself when you’re constantly practicing the opposite?

That’s when it’s time to call in the love!

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And it’s actually easier than you might think to start loving yourself, but the key is to learn to love more in general.

You learn how to do that then it’ll be easy to direct some of that love towards yourself. And once that channel of love is created, more and more will flow through it until one day you’ll forget that self love and self doubt was ever a problem for you.

Sound nice?

Let’s start with the first realisation.

Love is a skill, it’s something that can be improved upon, grown, expanded, and strengthened. Especially when it comes to loving ourselves. The key to learning how to love yourself is in learning how to love, and that means learning how to love anything and everything.

Love the chair that you sit upon.

Love your computer.

Go outside and find things you can love out there.

Love the trees. Love each tree.

Love the grass, love every blade of grass.

Grow love. Practice love.

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Take 1 minute now to list 10 things you love right now. Start small and simple. We know you love your family, your partner, your kids. But this is an exercise to start loving everything (and in turn loving yourself), so start with other things.

Practice loving things you might not normally associate love with.

Love indiscriminately.

Grow Love. Practice Love.

Don’t get to yourself yet, just start with this simple exercise for a few days and see what comes up.

Is it hard? Is it easy?

How do you feel when you do it?


Have fun love-generating souls,

until we meet again,



Are you seeing the numbers 11:11?

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When I was back in Sydney for Christmas I was in the car with my dad and he looked down at the clock and said “Of course it is.”

“Of course it is what?” I asked back, both bemused and confused.

“11:11am! It’s always 11:11 when I look at the time! I see those numbers everywhere!”

I was pretty gobsmacked. I don’t know why I thought this phenomenon had skipped my parents… Maybe it’s because on some level I still don’t recognise my parents as separate adults existing in this world not only as my parents…. But my dad has been seeing the numbers 11:11 everywhere!

This is part of the shift, the expanding awareness of people on this planet. And if you are seeing these numbers you are awakening from the walking slumber most of us have lived in for some time. It is a sign that even if things might feel hard, confusing or like an uphill struggle that you are still on the right path. It is a sign to let you know that you are doing really well! And to keep going. Something is happening even if it doesn’t feel like it. 

The most common repeating numbers that I see are 11:11, 333 and 444. I have been seeing them all over the place for sometime now, and every time I pause what I am doing and give thanks. I am thankful that I am becoming more aware that we exist not only in the physical dimension and that there is something so much more powerful, loving and eternal going on.

I am grateful that the walls between worlds are thinning and the presence of spirit and the love of the universe is shining through. When I see those repeating numbers I am reminded that I am not alone – that we are not alone. And while we might be living a midst craziness and upheaval we are totally supported and watched over.

Ahhh we can all breathe a sigh of relief and know that it really is okay – even if it might not always seem like it is.

What repeating numbers do you see? And what does it mean for you?

The Vacation of a Lifetime

wellington, new zealand, travel, life, inspiring, gratitude, life purposeWhy do we think that we have anything more to achieve in life than the experience of life itself?

When we go on vacation, no matter where we go, our intention is usually the same: relax, have fun, and experience new things. But what if life was a vacation – an adventure holiday that we had arranged for ourselves from the spirit realm?

Over the weekend I was sitting in my car by the water, tunes were playing loud and I was singing my little heart out. I watched the clouds create pictures in the sky and whilst enjoying my own company my eyes fell on the snow capped mountains off in the distance and I realised – this was it! I was doing it, right here. I was experiencing the purpose of life.

All that I had been striving for in the days of my life seemed to diminish in value to this single moment of pure bliss, joy and amazement. I laughed at myself for ever thinking there was a grander purpose than this.

The joy of the experience.




What Do You Love?

how to be happy, love, gratitude, selfhelp, self improvementI’m sure you, like me, have heard so many people rave on and on about how wonderful ‘practicing gratitude’ is and how life-changing keeping a gratitude journal is… Which, don’t get me wrong, I totally agree with as an idea or a concept, however I’ve just never really had much luck with getting into it!

I get the concept but it’s just the doing part that I struggle with. And in the past even when I’ve decided to give it a real go, dedicating time and effort to do it and stick to it, the practice just never really lasts, and usually about one week into the process (or even a couple of days in) I’ve totally forgotten all about it.

However, recently I started to wonder why it was that I loved the concept however I couldn’t keep up the practice. And through an honest evaluation I could see exactly where there was a kink in the chain! The problem was that I had been trying to do it ‘their’ way, and I hadn’t ever sat and thought about how I could do it my way! I hadn’t injected ME into the practice!

So letting myself be more free with the whole idea of gratitude, right away I knew that if I was going to do it my way I wouldn’t even be using the word ‘gratitude’. This is because the word gratitude doesn’t really hold much energy for me. I get what it means, but it’s just not a word I use. So then I asked myself what would I use? And right away a word came to me, a word I use a lot, and one that holds so much energy that it’s almost bursting… Love! I love the word love! And in the excitement of this realisation I grabbed a pen and started to write.

I wrote about everything I love about my life.

I wrote about the people I love, the experiences that I love, the aspects of jobs that I love, I even wrote about things that had happened that were hard at the time but I’d learnt a lot through because I could genuinely say (now) that I love that experience! Then I realised how easy and FUN this was! I could feel LOVE inside of my body, growing as I wrote.

I could feel the difference. Gratitude felt almost life-less and was more of a mental task that required thought and a prompt to remind myself to do it. However LOVE, well, each day after that first experience of doing it my way, I was reminded by my body, by the feeling of love inside my chest to ‘practice gratitude’. This feeling of LOVE made me excited to create moments in each day to curl up with my diary and write down what I love.

And from this regular practice I cultivated a lasting frame of mind stemming from love! Now I can more easily see all the aspects big or small that I love about my life, in each day and in each moment. Also, I more easily notice the positives in other people and in the world as a whole rather than the negatives, because my brain is hot-wired for LOVE!

What would it take for you, right now, to grab a pen and paper, or open up a word document and write down what you love about your life?

Kindness Sky High

Act of Kindness, Love, Inspiring, Uplifting, Last week I was on a business holiday flying from Wellington, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia. This flight wasn’t a long, only three and a half hours and I was seated next to a lady holding a crying, red-faced baby.

The baby was relentless. She had cried ever since our tyres had left the runway. I didn’t mind though as thankfully I could tune out from the crying and into something else, however her mum was struggling.

As the time ticked by her mother’s face grew tired and, just like her baby’s, was turning different shades of red as she was tried everything to calm her baby.

Then to her (and my own) dismay, an angel appeared. A fight attendant bent down and with a kind face and a smile offered to take her baby for a while so her mum could rest.

Really?”  Was the only response this weary mum could muster.

Gallantly the flight attendant scooped the baby up and whisked her down to the back of the plane, where she held and played with her for almost 30 minutes! I was astounded by her kindness and I could feel the relief of the mother beside me.

Not too long after this beautiful display of kindness, something else melted my heart. The row in front of me seated a family of three who had attempted to buy meals on-board, however as they didn’t have a credit card they were refused. The policy is credit card only, no cash, no debit card.

A lady strode up to their aisle clutching containers in her hands.

“Would you like these meals?” She had made them specifically for her flight however was now offering them to the family.

Once again a look of disbelief and then delight filled the faces of the family, and they graciously accepted the food. Between thank you’s they relayed a story about how they were so hungry even before they had boarded this flight, however there was no time to buy anything because they had to race so quickly from a connecting flight and had only just made it.

The rest of the flight I basked in my love of people. I was buzzing and feeling so good, thinking about a deep belief I hold that people are all essentially good inside. Some bury it under hurt, anger and pain, however some people that are connected to their own innate goodness allow their love and light to overflow and spill out into our world, touching and altering the lives of others, and inspiring people to connect to their own love and goodness.

A Dare For You

Sneaky Gratitude
Sneaky Gratitude

I dare you to express gratitude for someone, but not to their face. Be creative and express your appreciation for that person in a way that will impact their life even more than just saying thank you to them personally.

Some suggestions include; phone your local coffee shop and speak to the manager, tell the manager how lovely the girl/guy is who serves you coffee each morning. Tell them that this person is an asset to their business and that they make your day brighter.

Or, speak to your manager about how helpful another member of your team has been, expressing how this person always goes out of their way to help without seeking anything in return.

Or, call your local supermarket, explain to the manager how great your cashier was and that you’d like your thanks and appreciation passed on.

Now imagine for a moment you were on the receiving end of this random act of appreciation. Feels good, doesn’t it? Knowing someone went out of their way to appreciate you, knowing that you positively impacted someone’s day.

What act of sneaky gratitude can you do today? I bet you’re even starting to feel good right now just thinking about what you could do!