A Lesson From Pushy Patrons

Our interactions with people can be our greatest teachers. And yesterday I was taught a big lesson. I'd taken myself off to a cafe to treat myself to some sacred 'me time' with a muffin, tea and a book. I sat on a high table which permitted me a clear view of other patrons in … Continue reading A Lesson From Pushy Patrons


Does Your Life Feel Complicated?

The only aspect of life we can truly control is our state of being. And when we master that, everything else falls into place. But we complicate our existence.  Correction... Ego complicates. Spirit simplifies. What areas of your life feels complicated and a mess right now?  Have you let your ego-mind take the reigns? Do you … Continue reading Does Your Life Feel Complicated?

What are we?

Let's not get distracted by thinking we are our harmful ego thoughts. We are none of these. When we feel warmth, that is who we are, when we notice beauty, that is who we are, when we think a loving thought, that is who we are. Let's find ourselves and each other there.

What to do when you’re in a bad mood. Here’s my list.

The other day I was in a bad mood. Nothing particularly drastic but just grumpy, tired and a little low. I was tired from a big week so instead of wallowing and creating dramatic reasons for my mood, I decided to flip on youtube and watch a video or two on topics which help me feel … Continue reading What to do when you’re in a bad mood. Here’s my list.

Listen with your whole body

Recently I was reminded of how to listen. I know this might sound funny but I had forgotten. I had moved back into old ways of being and forgotten that, to truly listen to someone you need to listen with your whole body. It is most common these days to listen with our minds which usually, … Continue reading Listen with your whole body