“I’ve been told I have an entity”

It's about time we spoke about energy attachments and entities. There is a slight difference in my books between attached energy and entities. Attached energy is when you've just caught up with a friend and even after you've left them you're still thinking about them a lot, and even hearing the sound of their voice … Continue reading “I’ve been told I have an entity”


3 Powerful Methods to Protect Your Energy

To protect or not to protect, that is the question. There are so many differences in opinion on this topic, and it seems people from the old energy use (and swear by) putting a protective ball of light around them. That is one method you've probably heard of already, but it's one that I don't … Continue reading 3 Powerful Methods to Protect Your Energy

Top 5 Methods for Clearing Your Energy

We are magnets for energy, like moths to a light, especially if you are a sensitive person or an empath. When you leave a place or person you've felt had a heavy or strong energy a great practice to do is to clear your own energy. The more frequently I clear my energy the better … Continue reading Top 5 Methods for Clearing Your Energy

Angel Reminder

Have you invited your angels in today? Every morning I say the following simple invocation: I invite the angels into my day, in every way. I ask that you help me and guide me, and intervene for my highest good. I welcome your presence and assistance, and thank you for being in my wonderful life. … Continue reading Angel Reminder