Inner Demons

I'm a writer. The journey to realising that and being able to write it down has been tough. And I can see I always have been - a writer that is. I have piles of journals dating back to when I was little. Always penning it down. My thoughts, my dreams, my fears. But I … Continue reading Inner Demons


Has anybody been through a period of upheaval recently?

We moved house last week which was a big period of change, like it is for anyone, but as go the energies of this year - it didn't pan out as planned... As soon as we moved we were informed our new rental might not be the long term place we'd originally thought it to … Continue reading Has anybody been through a period of upheaval recently?

Wisdom to stop those Sugary-Binges

Recently I've been on a binge of sweet treats. The bait is chocolate, choc-chip cookies, cake....well basically if it has sugar and cocoa in it I'm hooked. I've experienced an interesting although not uncommon journey with sweet foods and food in general. Years ago I placed a great deal of emphasis on body image. I … Continue reading Wisdom to stop those Sugary-Binges

Sometimes ya gotta laugh

When I started going to spiritual meetings, events and workshops I found that everyone seemed so serious. And for a while there was a part of me that joined in. I thought that maybe we did need to be quiet, reserved and respectful when it came to meditation, healing and spiritual journeys. But the more … Continue reading Sometimes ya gotta laugh

You, wise being of love

I used to think life was hard and that people were mean. I cried many times and questioned how people could be so harsh. I would hide under the covers in my bed and not want to come out again. But now I get it. I understand why people are like that. Why we can … Continue reading You, wise being of love

How to feel better about yourself

Paradoxes never ceases to amaze me. Our world is full of them and when I find another one I feel like I have figured out the next clue to help me navigate through this game of life. The latest paradox I have been reflecting upon is how we constantly judge and define all the ways … Continue reading How to feel better about yourself

Our Greatest Obstacle

Our perception that we understand what things are just because we remember a label or a definition, or that we know what we are doing, is the greatest blocker to experiencing what is actually occurring. I think the world would be a much freerer place if we just admitted that we don't really understand anything … Continue reading Our Greatest Obstacle

Do You Say Yes When You Really Mean No?

Do you find yourself saying yes a lot, and then in the not too distant future resenting the person or the situation you said yes to? Do you try to avoid certain people or situations because you are worried you'll agree to something that you don't really want to do? So why is it that … Continue reading Do You Say Yes When You Really Mean No?