It’s time to be thankful

Let's take a moment to thank the spirit realm, universe, and your soul for the signs we see. For the feather that crosses your path, the repeating numbers littering your day with special moments 222, 444 and 555 and on extra magical days it's 11:11 as well. For a smiling face floating toward you, or … Continue reading It’s time to be thankful


Have You Noticed Things Changing?

It's time to take responsibility for all of the emotions within us. No one else did that to us, even if it seems very much like they did, and holding onto it serves nothing. It's interesting to think about why we like feeling punished, feeling beaten up or trodden on. And I know people might … Continue reading Have You Noticed Things Changing?

Repeating Numbers Guide; 222, 333 & 444

Like many of you, I've been seeing repeating numbers for a while now and often it's a mixture of the same number sequences of 222, 333 and 444. However recently I've started seeing 555 and even 777 which has peaked my interest to investigate further. In my search I've come across an Angel Intuitive named Kyle Gray, … Continue reading Repeating Numbers Guide; 222, 333 & 444

Are you being called?

If you are seeing repeating numbers, such as 222, 333, 444, or 11:11 you are being called. You can choose to ignore your calling, and your life will continue in the same way it has been going. Or, you can choose to answer. There isn't a clear cut definition of what to do to answer … Continue reading Are you being called?

Calling on Angels – A Guide

The angels and divine assistance are always there for us, waiting to be invited into our lives. One of the most beautiful aspects of working with the angels is that you don't need to wholly 'believe' in them. You just need to be open minded enough to want to give it a go, or bold … Continue reading Calling on Angels – A Guide

For the Brave ones

We hide from who we really are, yet if only we were brave, we'd discover what we really are; is all we ever need. We'd answer every call for love, whatever package was delivered, so longing feelings could subside, along with hate and anger and greed. Only then the tides'll truly turn, gently forming something grand, cause the … Continue reading For the Brave ones

Words about a Star

Always remember, you are a sacred Star unfolding, discovering itself. And just as you are that, so am I. And just as we are that, so are all others. Yes all others, no matter what. Some unfold graciously, and others quite horrendously, but nonetheless, and I mean truly nonetheless; Stars unfolding.      

Repeating Numbers – let’s work them out

It's clear so many of us are seeing repeating numbers and previously I've done articles (click here to read or click here) regarding what the numbers mean in a general way. However I feel it's time to ramp it up and get more specific. What are YOUR repeating numbers telling YOU? Repeating number sequences is a … Continue reading Repeating Numbers – let’s work them out

Experiences we don’t understand

More people than ever are having spiritual awakenings, and even though these awakening experiences can be sudden and seemingly out of the blue, they offer us a taste of a euphoric reality that can be hard to come back down from. Essentially the process of spiritual awakening starts with the simple recognition that there is more going on … Continue reading Experiences we don’t understand

What are Repeating Numbers Telling You?

Do you see repeating numbers all over the place? I've blogged on this topic before because it is happening to SO MANY of us and it's interesting to delve deeper into it and get these signs working for you. Firstly it pays to work out what numbers you are seeing the most. You might see … Continue reading What are Repeating Numbers Telling You?