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I’m a Holistic Hypnotherapist and work with clients from all around the cropped-sharon-by-the-gate.jpgworld.
I help people on a soul level, healing clear that which is holding them back in order to make a connection to spirit guides, power animals, past lives, as well as doing soul retrieval work, clearing entities, or connecting in with loved ones who have passed over.

I also help people to heal trauma from their current life, ease conflict in relationships, break unhelpful patterns, have more confidence, discover more about their authentic self, expand and grow spiritually, and discover their life purpose.

I am qualified in The Michael Newton Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy, and hold a Diploma in Hypnoenergetics in Past Lives, a Diploma in Applied Clinical Hypnotherapy, along with being a Reiki Master / Trainer. Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy is deeply transformative therapy working on all levels – emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, and helping you to heal on a soul level helping to elevate you in this life and propel you forwards onto to your path.

Within these sessions we’ll work to find the root cause behind challenges you are facing in life, and release the emotion that is stored within your body.

** I do sessions via Skype with anyone around the world **  Sharon Blog, Health, Inspiration, Life, Mind, Body Spirit, How to, Help,

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy is an empowering experience which puts you in the drivers seat, helping you to gain a better understanding of yourself; past, present and future. You’re always fully conscious in these sessions, and aware of everything that is being said and experienced, in fact you’re guided into a heightened state of awareness which helps you to connect in beyond the usual clutter of thoughts in our conscious mind to a deeper part of you.

During these sessions people often meet their soul family, along with spirit guides or ancestors who have passed over. They’re all standing by to assist you on your healing journey, as well as awaiting your call to play a more interactive role in your life.

You may be wondering if it is scary to go deeper inside yourself…

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The deeper we go within ourselves the closer we come to discovering who we really are – who we are underneath the limiting thoughts we hold about ourselves, underneath the worries that we aren’t good enough, or are unlovable, or bad. It helps us to realise that all of these worries, concerns and fears that may have shaped our lives are actually not real or true at all.

These sessions help you to understand where these limiting thoughts come from and why you took them on as your own, and then helps you to discover something else within your – something much more loving, powerful and kind than you may have ever thought possible. You!

Haven’t you wondered if there was more to life, more to you?

Anyone can benefit from Past Life Hypnotherapy sessions because they help you to look within and discover your innate wisdom. So many of us spend our lives looking outside of ourselves for answers, for happiness, and for fulfillment, when all we need to do is pause for a brief moment and look within. It is not just a fanciful notion spoken of in self-help books, we really do hold all the answers and guidance for our lives within each and every one of us.

People who have greatly benefited from Past Life Hypnotherapy sessions have been those looking for more in life, wanting to discover their gifts, their purpose, wanting to connect in with spirit guides, power animals, their higher self.

Along with spiritual expansion people also benefit from these sessions that have been struggling with anxiety, stress, low-confidence, negative self-talk, self doubt, depression, unhappy relationships, trauma, abuse, PTSD, and lack of life purpose.

Sessions are available via Skype or video chat to anywhere in the world, or in person in Wellington, New Zealand.

First up though, we can do a FREE Skype or phone chat, to discuss your interests, challenges and what you would want out of the session, along with the process that we’d use.

Also, to read about my qualifications and how Hypnotherapy helped me visit the About page on this blog.

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Warm wishes,

Sharon   cropped-sharon-by-the-gate.jpg


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  1. Clive has been in self-development and using hypnosis for over 10 years. As a youth, he suffered tremendously from social anxiety, which resulted in a quest for relief from a debilitating fear of “everyone and everything”. Because Clive found hypnosis to be the most powerful method of treatment for himself, he quickly sought the best teachers and became an expert hypnotist.

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