Past Life Regression

Many years ago I experienced my first Past Life Regression. It was a life-changing experience and one which inspired me to do the work I do today.

I was deeply relaxed and being guided along on a journey, and then as my therapist counted down the numbers, it was as though all of a sudden I felt like I was someone else. I mean, I still knew I was me sitting in a room with someone talking to me, but now within my grasp were many memories that hadn’t previously been there. It was as though I wasn’t just imagining walking in someone else’s shoes, I was doing it.

I was a woman, older than myself in this life, and with red hair. She’d been in a very hard relationship which ended – against her hopes and wishes. I experienced much of her life, and up until a time she was ended up fighting for her life in the woods. (I know, not really the glamorous experience I wanted) but it was so strong, and I felt what she felt. I felt her mixture of confusion, hurt, betrayal. I experienced her abandonment, and I became her and could feel myself stepping over damp leaves, trying to find my way out of the woods.

I could also feel how I’d brought a lot of those emotions through into this life, and played them out again and again. I knew these deeper, past life wounds needed healing, and that would bring about great change in my life today.

This experience enhanced my life enormously. Firstly I was able to understand more about my relationships in my current life, and then clear repeating patterns and old feelings of betrayal and abandonment. These feelings had been so strong throughout my life, but had never made sense to me. But I was also able to live more of life – I was now incorporating a whole different experience of life, into my memory bank of life experiences. It was quite profound, it was as though I’d had the opportunity to live an entire life, learn from it and then incorporate it into the life I’m currently living.

I could even feel the regrets she’d held at the end of her life, and through reflecting upon them, they energised my lust for life. I felt like I’d been given a second chance to do the things I’d wanted to in that life. And I certainly wasn’t going to waste that opportunity. I’d received a new lease on life, renewed sense of purpose and understanding of what I’d come down here to do.

And the session continued. 

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Next we journeyed on, leaving the body and that life, into the Soul State – the life between lives. I hadn’t even known this was going to be a part of the session. It was the moment when I ‘left’ my body and journeyed into the ‘all knowing’ space, that I experienced sinking deeply into my pure soul light energy, and so much became clear.

I gained knowledge and insight about why I had chosen certain relationships – including that of my family, friends and partners, I also discovered what my greatest blocks to achieving are, along with my life theme which many experiences and lessons stem from. I was able to learn from and then release people from my life, as well as heal wounded parts of myself.

But probably the most impactful aspect of the whole experience was finally discovering for myself that I’m not just a physical person having a single life experience. I’d discovered my Soul.

I could go on and on, but every experience is different so you really just have to take the leap and find out for yourself. At the point that I had my first experience with past lives, I was already a Clinical Hypnotherapist and as a deep aspect of myself was awakening, I set my sights on becoming a Past Life Hypnotherapist.

Over the next few years I made this dream come true, and these days I run a healing clinic in Wellington, New Zealand and also work with clients all over the world via Skype. Past Life sessions and spiritual sessions make my soul sing, and I feel so thankful to be able to guide people on their own healing journeys.

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