Meet Your Spirit Guides

We all have a Spirit Team waiting and willing to help us in our lives. They’re wanting us to connect into them, feel their presence and work with them to better ourselves and our lives.

We’re not meant to be doing this alone.

And every one of us holds an ability to connect into an infinite well of wisdom and guidance from our Higher Self as well as Angels, Spirit Guides, and Ascendangel, spirit guides, love, healing, life, blog, repeating numbers, how to, psychic, blocksed Masters. With the right guidance we can make a real connection, without having any previous history or experience working with guides or angels.

That is where I come in.

I help people to discover their inner wisdom, and their spirit guides and angels, to receive clear support, guidance and advice to enhance your life, gain awareness about yourself and your life, and move more fully into a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

In a Spirit Guide Session you’ll be able to ask specific questions about your life, career, life purpose, love life, relationships, your past, what’s holding you back and much more.

My Services:

Spirit Guide Session –

I’ll facilitate a direct connection with you and your spirit with your Spirit team (even if you have never connected in with them before) – this may include your Spirit Guide, Angels, Loved Ones who have passed, or  Ascended Masters.

Once a connection is made we’ll ask all of the questions that you’ve wanted answers for, we’ll also receive further insights about you, your gifts, life purpose, and what is blocking you from reaching your potential. You’ll often also receive a deep healing from your guides which can have a profound shift for your life.

Your Spirit Guides, Angels and your Higher Wisdom will all be accessed by you.

YOU will discover how you can communicate directly with your spirit team, and you can discover your life purpose, and how they are there to help you.

These sessions are powerful and help you to open channels which you might not previously have realised were there. These channels, once opened are then more easily available for you to connect into and work with after the session/s, especially once gaining a tangible experience and reference point to connect back into.

Often your guides will offer you a deep healing and clearing of negative energy, sickness or heaviness, along with giving you specific advice to enhance and improve your life. They will also help you to gain the insight awareness you need to grow into your highest potential, as well as to break unhelpful patterns. 

Spirit Guide Sessions are offered either via Skype or phone, or in-person in Wellington, New Zealand.

First up though, we can do a FREE Skype chat, to discuss your journey so far, challenges you’ve faced, and what you would want out of the session and how you’d like to development spiritually, along with the process that we’d use.

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For more information send me an email via or for more information visit my business page at

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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2 thoughts on “Meet Your Spirit Guides

  1. Hello, Sharon you honestly randowm came into my screen, just like that..
    Im a healer also from qtn, I would love a healing with you through skype. let organise I time for the first step, free meeting ?
    looking forwards.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Claudia! Lovely to hear from you, and I love that I just popped up onto your screen 🙂 Perfect! I’m back to sessions from Wednesday 6th January and have time left to do a free consultation with you. There is either Wednesday 6th at 9am, or 9am Thursday 7th. Do either of those times suit you? Speak soon, much love, Sharon


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