I’ve been on a journey of spiritual awakening and want to develop my psychic gift. What is it that I need to know or do?

Hi Amy, I’ve posted the answer to your question here, as we’re are all connected and the answer originally intended for you, can also help others…

I love that you write psychic ‘gift’ as if you have only one, you have many and I feel for you especially it’s about dabbling in them all, not favouring one over the other, but beginning to play and strengthen each one, they will bounce off each other grow more easily that way. I see a tidal wave, implying a surging forward on your journey. Does that make sense to you? Maybe even, if you haven’t already, join a spiritual development group where each week you try a different way of connecting in. They are all there for you.

Also, alongside your spiritual / psychic development, also work on your mind. It is time to fade out the doubting thoughts that arise. Everyone has those thoughts and it’s really about whether you choose to listen and have doors close, or you hear them and choose to not listen.

I also see healing work, healing hands. Can you feel energy in your hands? Heat, tingling sensations? They are calling to you! Have you started or looking into Reiki or energy healing? You’ll have fun with this!! Getting into energy healing will also help open your other gifts as it’ll quieten your mind and help you focus, then messages and images etc will arise.

There is one guide in particular that is coming through very strongly. If you don’t know of them already, just invite them in. Start journalling or talking, and see if you can pause – like the pausing between breaths – you’ll ‘hear’ them in the stillness, but not necessarily through words.

When you’re working to increase your gifts, don’t aim for the obvious ones straight away – like seeing spirit or hearing words. Open up to the wonderous ways that spirit connects in, it’s not always so obvious so. There is a book that is important and helpful for you to read however I’m not getting the name. Have you come across a book recently, however not purchased it yet? If that makes sense, or comes to make sense soon – just get the book. Order it online, borrow from the library, or whatever, just know that it is a great tool for you and will help.

Keep your lightheartedness about your psychic / spiritual work, about this whole realm. The world you wish to connect into more is very light, so humour and a lightness of spirit really helps. So often when people delve deeper into this world they are all serious about it, however that lowers your vibration and makes it harder. It’s all about play πŸ™‚

I hope this helps and I’d love to hear back after you’ve read it!

With love,




4 thoughts on “I’ve been on a journey of spiritual awakening and want to develop my psychic gift. What is it that I need to know or do?

  1. Thank you Sharon yes this all reasonates for me! I am doing work with Reiki and Healing Touch and volunteer at a hospital. I did purchase a book recently on Akashic Records and am practicing the exercises. I wonder if there’s another book I need…I shall be open for that. I do often feel/hear a sound of energy in my ears like a high pitch tone and wonder what it is, is that my guides? I ask them to communicate in a manner I can understand, so I will practice listening into the stillness…thank you so much for your time and this reading, confirming my journey, and reminding me to not be too serious! πŸ™‚ I realize my tendency to be intense lol.
    Have a wonderful holiday season…much love.

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    1. That’s so great you are already doing Reiki and Healing Touch, I feel like there was a lot of confirmation that it’s a powerful avenue for you. That’s so beautiful you volunteer at the hospital, how wonderful. Wishing you all the best, Sharon


  2. Howdy, I to have begun a journey into who am I and what is My Purpose? However, I soon realized that this journey was going to take longer, so I revised it to a Quest. I started it back in 2014 I believe. I have been seeking and researching and now I am going through all my searches and removing that which doesn’t seem to pull me and keeping that which does. I am still confused and I believe part of that is -( Thanks to this question, Amy and the last paragraph of your answer, Sharon) – that I have become too serious and somewhat desperate to find my true purpose and calling that I have shut it down. I have placed my joy and childlike curiosity on the shelf.
    I have battled bad bouts of depression and have finally come to a peace about my past. But, I do so long to know why I am here? Why I am still alive through all I have gone through. I know that I am no longer a victim, but that I am a Rebel Warrior who seeks her place in this world. πŸ™‚
    Thank you, Amy and Sharon.
    SpiritsFreedom63 – aka Sandi

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    1. Hi Sandi, thanks so much for writing and for sharing that. I understand your search, and what you’ve now termed your quest. These questions arise within my mind daily and often leave me feeling down and frustrated. I believe we’ve gotten lost and that’s why we can’t work out our ‘purpose’. We’re told by people / society etc that our purpose has to do with something in line with work or even perhaps helping people, but then we follow this and yet we’re still left unfulfilled.

      I feel that our spirit’s intention for this life experience, our true soul’s purpose is very different to what we allow it to be. Whenever I tune in and ask my soul and my guides, I always get back ‘ to spread love’ or ‘share love’ or a variation of that. I’ve also had ‘spread joy’. Usually in that moment I feel it is right and I’m filled with love and oneness. I know my purpose. But then it never takes too long for my mind to get involved and I’m lost to the mind’s plight for purpose…. And once again left feeling unfulfilled. It’s as though it’s too simple for us…We want a purpose that fits into our society some how, or gives us direction for action etc. I feel our true purpose isn’t a job or a hobby, it doesn’t involve anything of this world per see.

      I feel most at peace, purposeful and happy when I let it be the simple answer, when what I do in the world doesn’t matter, and my purpose is how I do it. How I interact with people, how I interact with myself. I can be in purpose every moment of every day, no matter what job I am doing, or who I’m with. All I need to do it be in touch with when I’m putting walls up around my heart, and thus not sharing / spreading / being in love. Then I pull the walls down and everything feels right again.

      There are so many teachings out there helping us discover our purpose, and because this is a very universal search, there are lots of people who are desperately seeking it – and seeking ‘the answer’. Sometimes taking a step back and asking what is my Soul’s Purpose can yield more answers and be more fruitful, because if not, if we ask it the usual way of – what is my purpose – then we may also need to ask ‘who is asking?’ Is it our small self, our ego-mind?

      You’ve had beautiful realisations here and I’m so glad you shared them. I can hear your rebel warrior spirit shining out through your message. Sending you so much gratitude and love, Sharon xoxox

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