“I’ve been told I have an entity”

It’s about time we spoke about energy attachments and entities. There is a slight difference in my books between attached energy and entities. Attached energy is when you’ve just caught up with a friend and even after you’ve left them you’re still thinking about them a lot, and even hearing the sound of their voice in your head. Maybe your mood changed when you were with them or right after, or you left feeling tired.

These are all indications of energy that has wiped off on you so to speak. It’s very common and goes on all the time, and it’s easy to clear as I’ve discussed in previous posts.

Okay then, so what is an Entity?

An entity is almost like a creature of it’s own. It can think, feel and move about. However it’s actually a fragment of a soul that’s been left behind. This fragment exists on it’s own for a time, sometimes attaching itself to people or animals, or sometimes floating around by itself.

One entity I closely examined and spoke to (that was attached to me and I felt it as the emotion of rage within me) it didn’t actually know that it wasn’t alive any longer. It thought people could see it but were just ignoring it, so over time it hid in the shadows and attached to people through a desire for love and attention that had morphed into anger. It showed me where it had been living and even exactly where it had joined my energy.

Entities attach themselves to us and we usually end up feeling their emotion, which is often heavy, unsettled, sad, angry, power hungry and more. If we’re unaware they can stay with us for a long time and influence the course of our lives.

In response to the question a reader posted about going to a psychic and being told she had an entity, I do agree with the psychic that you did have an entity, however it has gone now. Did you feel it go? When you look back can you see anything that’s changed recently in your mood/ behaviours / energy?

Entities are lost. If we can become aware that we have an entity the ideal solution is to call in your angels and guides, and even the angels and guides of the entity, or the soul the entity is meant to be with, to come and retrieve it. Often you need to use forceful language but always from love, it’s like caring but firm language to encourage them to go to a better place, one where they will feel loved, secure, and safe. Then the guides will meet the entity halfway, once it’s started to move out of your energy field, they’ll guide it further into the light.

You can do this process even if you don’t feel like you can connect into the entity yourself. Just give it a go anyway and notice how you feel afterwards, or if you have a pendulum, as the pendulum whether you have an entity etc. You can keep checking in along the way.

There is nothing to be frightened of. Entities are energy that have lost their way. Yes maybe they feel strong and heavy to us, and you might have had a scary experience as a child, but we are powerful beings of love (sometimes we’re are yet to realise this fully), and we’re able to help even the fiercest energy find it’s way again.

Have you had an experience with an entity?

I’m always open to questions or comments. And remember, if you want to have a FREE READING just post your question or topic and ‘follow’ the blog, then check back for when your question is answered.

With love,




6 thoughts on ““I’ve been told I have an entity”

  1. Hi Sharon! Many years ago in the beginning of my awakening, I woke during the night and couldn’t move. I ‘felt’ something was there holding me but it was only wishing to ‘feel’ where I was at within myself, the love that I was beginning to stand in.
    My higher self became aware of it and moved it on because it was interfering with my journey, as in I needed to find my own way to my spiritual side, not from ‘others’ making me aware that there is something else on the other side.
    This all happened in a few seconds only, but that is how I ‘read’ things, it is like being shown a panorama of a picture of something, you can see objects or people, but within it is so many other things, physical and emotional, that I can sense in that one instant of time.
    I didn’t feel afraid but it did make me very aware of much else that we cannot see.
    Thank you for sharing Sharon, may your fly ins be the loving kind 😀 ❤

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    1. Wow that’s so fascinating! I’ve had that experience quite a few times and I always know it’s when I need to do a big cleanse of the house. I think with the kind of work I do (and I do it from a clinic in my home) a lot of baggage gets left behind, but also we actively call in spirits during sessions.

      That’s amazing how you ‘read’ things! Sounds like how people describe their NDEs! Thanks for sharing Mark.

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  2. *Did you feel it go? When you look back can you see anything that’s changed recently in your mood/ behaviours / energy?*

    Thank you, Sharon for this insightful post!

    Yes, I did actually feel it go. I think part of this was also because I held the intention to let go of fear and not focus on it anymore. (Possibly in addition to other factors as well). But one big thing was letting go of fear and knowing that I am always and in All Ways a being of unconditional love! I also think that asking this question to you helped me to let go of it as well. So Thank you Thank you Thank you! Sending love and light to you now!

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  3. Sharon, I just found your website. I am needing some help/advice.
    Almost 30 years ago, I had a dark shadow figure stand at the foot of my bed in the middle of the night. I have seen it many times through the years, only to be scared to death and scream when I see it. In the last year, it has moved closer and closer to me to where it is right besides me when I sleep. A couple of weeks ago, I actually saw or think I saw a distorted ladies face and dark hair. I have felt a light touch on my legs many times over the last few months.
    A few nights ago, I felt I saw the figure move towards me by the bed. I felt like I was awake but I don’t know. I know I was screaming ‘No no no’ and my husband was comforting me saying it was ok. It always leaves me feeling scared and helpless. Once I had my cats in the room at night time and the both sat up and stared at the door in the middle of the night, like something was there, but was not.

    Honestly, after reading your website, I should not be afraid, but I am. I dread going to sleep at night. Is there anything I can do about this?

    Thank you,

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    1. Hi Beth, thanks for writing, and don’t worry, I know what it feels like to be scared like that! I’ve had many weird and scary experiences, and it did take me a long time to get into the position I’m in now where I work with them.

      I really wonder whether this lady wants your help to move on. You might think that you don’t know how to do that or why you, but the experience of seeing her – even if you don’t know whether you’re awake or not, means that you can do something.

      If you’re willing to give it a try I can tell you a little bit about what you do. It’s not hard and you can just give it a go and see what happens. You don’t have to even 100% believe that you’re doing anything, these things are amazing because as long as you just try it anyway amazing things can happen!

      If you can next time you feel, sense or see anything say “I call in the Angels of Light” you don’t have to say it out loud, in your head is fine. Then (if you can) you can try to talk to the lady and tell her that there is a better place for her to go. In my experience so many spirits don’t know there’s a better place, and even though it feels as though she’s been with you for 30 years that is irrelevant in spirit. It could be more like a day or two, time isn’t the same.

      You can call in the angels of light, or anything angel if you feel drawn to, and ask them to help this soul cross over, and join them. You can also (in addition to the angels) call in any soul light / energy connected to the lady. Sometimes they come through really eaily and guide the lady through. They will help you, but it’s like souls get lost in different dimensions and if we can see them, then we can be the bridge to connect them to their next place.

      If you feel inspired 🙂 You can even sit down to meditate and call her in to do the process.

      Please let me know if you’d like help with this, and I’ll see if there’s anything I can do. But I think it would be amazing if you could give it a go first 🙂

      It’s okay to be scared, just see how much you can do anyway. Breathing deeply helps a lot too! Then usually as soon as you start calling in the angels and their soul connections, you start feeling better. Also your mind will be comforted that you’d got a job to do with her – in a sense.

      You can certainly let me know if this feels like too much though and we’ll work out something else 🙂

      Sending you beautiful loving and supportive energy. Love Sharon


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