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It’s a cloudy Saturday in Wellington and there’s so much going on globally. The uncertainly in the air is palpable and you’re not alone if you’re experiencing turmoil inside and out.

I’ve felt the push to get back into card readings, so just post your question or area you’d love a little more guidance into here. I’m going to use your question as the title of my next post, and answer it within the body – so make sure you post your question here or message me, and then hit FOLLOW to ensure you’re prompted when I post the reading.

SoΒ I invite you to breathe deeply and hit those keys, be brave and post your reading request.

With love,


PS. for your amusement here is a photo of me and my partner at local festival on a recent trip to Toowoomba, Australia. Always on the lookout for crystals and fun stuff. Unfortunately no such luck at this fair, but enjoyed the weather and the wallabies.

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8 thoughts on “Free Readings – follow

  1. Hello Sharon,
    My question is:
    I recently went to a psychic and she told me a lot of good things about myself (that I’m meant to do healing work and I will create amazing things in the future). But then she also told me, “you have an entity” And I see you waking up at 3 AM. Sure enough, it happened. And it happened again tonight. Although nothing else really “scary” happened.
    (Also, When I was younger, I always used to want my parents to sleep in my bed so I wouldn’t be scared at night.)
    Also, I am excited to communicate with my own angels and guides, but I feel this small fear blocks me at times.
    So, what actions are my angels suggesting I take?
    Thank you & Infinite Blessings

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    1. Thank you. Interesting stuff! I might do this in 2 parts – the first one about entities, and your potential entity. I do a lot of work helping people releasing entities and whilst they can be heavy, we don’t need to be afraid of them. You’re next in line for a reading πŸ˜„ I’ll be doing it tomorrow. Speak soon, Sharon

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