Cosmic Play

spiritual awakening, sudden awakening, wake up, dream reality, acim, a course in miracles, eli jaxon-bear, quote, waking up, dream, growthWhen you realize yourself as completely empty and devoid of all form, this is wisdom.

When you realize yourself as the fullness of love overflowing itself without object, this is bliss.

And when you are aware of yourself incarnate in the appearance of form, this is leela.

-by Eli Jaxon-Bear

The word Leela is used because there is said to be no exact or accurate translation. It is a Sanskrit word that means ‘play’ however not as we know it. It is cosmic or divine play, as we would if we truly knew this were an illusion with no consequence but to keep us spinning around rising and falling in and out of illusory pain.




10 thoughts on “Cosmic Play

    1. I know, Ilove the image too. Yes I pondered this whilst laying in bed with a headache. I kept getting messages about letting go of form. And that the headache was only the conflict of the two – like my body was a weight anchoring me into pain. I like the idea of cosmic play too – even the words feel tingly πŸ™‚ Maybe we shall take the plunge as we sleep tonight?

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  1. Do you think this entire universe is an illusion?This is not an illusion. This is a representation. Movies are two dimensional and are the representation of our three dimensional life. And our three dimensional lives are the representation of the one single divine consciousness.

    Very good works, keep doing it.

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    1. I think everything we see and experience here is an illusion. I’m not sure I follow what you mean by representation? I love what you say about our single divine consciousness. I don’t quite think our reality is a represenation of that though otherwise our lives would be stunning in all respects, and love would be free flowing amongst all. I think our lives are a representation of ego mostly with glimmers of light penetrating occasionally. When we awaken all will disappear, however in my view this does not happen through ‘death’. In between lives we stay in the illusion and then are ‘reborn’ into another life. What are your thoughts?

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  2. Yes, of course people are still living in their ego consciousness. When you get realized, whatever you see, listen, smell, feel and do will be nothing other than a divine to you. Only we human beings are still living in our ego consciousness, not this whole existence. To realize that everything are divine, one have to get realized. I mean the realization that comes by doing yoga and by surrendering yourself to the divine who has no name or time. And then only you will realize that everything are the representation of the divine’s life. Our human mind cannot realize this. But when we go beyond our body and mind, we can realize that.

    I am not the one who is realized, I should add this too. But I am somebody who is struggling to come out of my animal self


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