Lucid Dreaming Experiment continues

The Lucid Dreaming experiment continues and although I haven’t woken up in my dreams yet, I’m remembering more details when I wake the following morning. I started my dream journal last week and each morning have written down my dreams.

I feel very far away from actually becoming alert and aware within my dreams, but I think that’s how it works. You think you’ll never do it and then the next time you’re dreaming you consciously have the thought; “I think I’m dreaming!” And you’re away!

Yesterday I received a birthday present that blew me away…. The book “A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming” which comes highly recommended as one of the best books on Lucid Dreaming. I started reading it and already agree; it’s brilliant.

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The main point I’ve taken from the book so far is that you need to do reality checks often. A reality check is simply asking yourself

“Am I dreaming right now?”

at different intervals in your waking state, throughout the day.

Starting this habit apparently is one of the most effective methods of getting you to wake up inside your dream, but questioning it’s validity.

I’ve decided to give it a go even though I feel completely ridiculous doing it. Several times yesterday, even though I knew I was awake I stopped and questioned “Am I dreaming right now? Am I dreaming?”

I went further into it and pondered how you really tell, it’s become an enjoyable exercise, almost like a mini philosophical meditation.

The book also stated that most people have had at least one spontaneous lucid dreaming experience in their life so far. Is that you? Have you had a lucid dream before? What was it like? How did you come to realise you were dreaming, whilst still asleep?

The whole concept fascinates and intrigues me and I’d love to hear about any experiences you’ve had with it.

Am I dreaming right now?


PS. I’ve had a hard time categorising this article. Would it be ‘personal development’ or ‘spiritual development’? I went with Personal Development as I suppose there’s nothing particularly spiritual about it – even though I would like to use lucid dreaming for my spiritual development.




15 thoughts on “Lucid Dreaming Experiment continues

  1. Lucid dreaming is very firmly spiritual development. It’s the spirit that engages with the dream – not the body (well – not the physical body anyway 🙂 )
    Oh and FYI – I’m definitely dreaming right now. Thing is – what will happen to you when I wake up? Make the most of the time you have! 😉

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    1. Amazing 🙂 Yes I am really hoping that working with lucid dreaming will help me realise that we’re dreaming right now, and then be able to more fully work with the dream reality. I hope you wake up 🙂 that will mean that I wake up too.

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      1. Wow that amazes me (being so far away from most countries) that you are off to Scotland for a few days! Have a wonderful trip! I have finished a day full with clients, and now that it’s Saturday evening my weekend begins 🙂

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      2. I guess that we are fortunate to have so many famous places close to where we live. I wonder how if I’d feel the same as you if I was far away from them. I’m more of a solitary soul than most and appreciate peace and quiet rather than hustle and bustle. Perhaps if I lived further out from what people perceive to be the centre, I would see a different grass to be greener. Who knows. Maybe I should move to Sibera or Outer Mongolia as an interesting experiment.
        Good to know that you can relax now. I’m not sure that this is my fate today. Still – que sera, and all of that. 🙂


  2. I have had lucid dreams, but none recently. Most of the time it happens when I get scared or do not like the dream. As I become uncomfortable I become aware that it is only a dream and then tell myself it will be okay and let it play out. But I also remember having some pretty lucid dreams that were fun as well, such as riding a whale, and one that was like an old black and white comedy movie. Those two I enjoyed a great deal.

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    1. Wow riding a whale is an incredible experience. I love how we get to do things in our dreams that we might not in ordinary reality. That’s a beautifully protective skill to wake up within your dreams that are scary.

      Thanks so much for sharing your experiences Lorrie.

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  3. Interesting, Sharon. Am I dreaming? As I reflect on your post the concepts of mindfulness and awareness weave in and out. Glad you introduced us to the book. Enjoy your journaling and may it’s entries yield significance and meaning.

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    1. Hi Tricia, great thanks! I’ll check it out! Yes I just had one the other night and straight away (after celebrating that I was awake and aware in my dream) then jumped up and flew straight through the wall of my house and out over the ocean! Yay!!


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