The Light Lives On – but it’s not out there.

I felt a great sense of relief today when I remembered that the answers I seek are not out there. And it only takes an instant, a moment of holy realisation to drop the search and shift the focus. No amount of perseverance, no job, no special love, no war won, no goal reached will bring … Continue reading The Light Lives On – but it’s not out there.


The Gift Awaits Us.

The gifts the Earth parades for us, fall silently far from sight. All that ails, she's there to cure, as she begs to ease the minds of many. Yet we push and pull and complain away, and miss the show, the majestic dance, of wind and rain and water spirits, each beckoning our pain away. The over identified persona … Continue reading The Gift Awaits Us.

Are you afraid of death?

I know I know, we're not supposed to talk about it. It's scary or morbid or whatever. But I like to talk about it and I like to think about it too. And no, I don't think I'm morbid. I find it fascinating to imagine that one day I'll be gone and the world will continue on. … Continue reading Are you afraid of death?

Lucid Dreaming Experiment continues

The Lucid Dreaming experiment continues and although I haven't woken up in my dreams yet, I'm remembering more details when I wake the following morning. I started my dream journal last week and each morning have written down my dreams. I feel very far away from actually becoming alert and aware within my dreams, but I … Continue reading Lucid Dreaming Experiment continues