Channelled Wisdom, but from what Source?

All will come through the art of not-trying. 

I scrambled for my pen, as my eyes opened from meditation.

It is the unwinding of all the wound up parts of yourselves and your lives.

It seemed the messages coming through were for more than just me. I wondered whom or what I’d connected into…

And what if this voice was of yourself? 

It was as though the Being immediately heard my thoughts and was responding with a powerful and thought provoking question.

Would you still share it? Or would you think it lesser than?

Take time to sit with the content and worry less about from whence it came. 

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I heard humming inside of me. Almost as though I was given a moment to contemplate what I had just been proposed with. Then the voice started again…

You are the singer and the song.

You are the writer and the words. 

Let you not shut the gates and minimise what could have been.

That was all for now. The silence returned. As I read back over the words I was surprised by the question that had been put forward. Through my spiritual work I’ve loved to connect into Beings, and I’ve even started channelling, however this was somehow different.

I knew the answer.

If I am honest, I know that I think it is lesser than somehow, if it is from me.

Even though I ‘know’ that we’re all the same, and we are one. (I’ve put ‘know’ in inverted commas because obviously I don’t fully know this yet). A grin crept it’s way onto my cheeks, as I enjoyed being challenged with these questions.

To see yourself as the same being, angel or guide as that which you call out to and seek wisdom from.

Such is the mountain that I climb.


With humble love,




8 thoughts on “Channelled Wisdom, but from what Source?

  1. Enjoy the journey Sharon, it is one of acceptance, and love of self in that acceptance 🙂
    A beautiful journey as each time you touch that connection within it will bring a loving smile to the surface, a ‘knowing’ of that truth inside 🙂

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    1. Beautiful Mark 🙂 Yes I am discovering Bliss that lives within 🙂 What a joy! My connection with it comes and goes though, but that’s okay, all part of it I think. It’s all about Self Love isn’t it?! It’s interesting that it takes us so long to get to that place…. Hope you are well, where ever you are in the world 🙂

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      1. In Australia, and very well thank you. Yes, it is all about that self love, and it is deliberately slow so we really begin to appreciate it as we lose our fears, release those walls inside, and it becomes clearer to ‘hear’ our higher selves, guides etc. If we had it full on we would take it for granted, like walking or just being able to see.
        It is an on and off affair initially, but the more we stand in that love of ourselves (because we have dared to face our fears), our senses are no longer dulled by the tensions of life. And we slowly begin to appreciate those things around us as well…suddenly we ‘see’ the flower for the first time…truly see it, and many other things that we used to just rush on by.
        Enjoy the journey Sharon, there is none other like it 🙂

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  2. The way I can tell if the source is NOT from me is by how surprised I am by what I just heard in my mind. It happened today. I was told something very profound and I almost went off the road (I was driving) That was clearly a message from my Angels. It’s a great day!

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    1. Hi Donna, yes but I think that was what was so profound today, that the messages (and more have come) have been profound – and the potential of possibility has been raised that they’re also from me 🙂 Not my little me of course, not my ego-dwelling mind, but from a pure Me, and Angel Me 🙂 I’m not saying I’m 100% sure, but the possibility raised intrigued me greatly 🙂 What a fun journey this is! Sending you love, Sharon

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