A Repeating Message from The Universe

Last night as I lay between being awake and slumber I received a very strong message.

Focus on what you have. 

It just kept repeating over and over, and I knew exactly what it meant.

I am a spiritual seeker and for quite some time now, I’ve been receiving the message to stop seeking. However, obviously since I’m still graciously being sent the same message in different ways, I haven’t quite got it. I’m struggling with finding a balance between my hunger for more, and letting it all go so I can discover truth within.

penny hardy, meditation, insight, awakening, awareness, ball of light, orb, light within meditation
“You Blew Me Away” by Penny Hardy

It seems to be coming to a head as yesterday in my meditation I had a very frustrating experience. I could tell I was pushing, trying and controlling. Wanting connections, seeking bliss, pushing for insight. And they pulled back. They let me sit in my own self created anguish, and boy it was frustrating.

Then right at the end, as I was coming out I witnessed a small round ball of light just sitting there inside of my chest. I couldn’t overly feel it, I just gained an awareness of it.

And it was as if it was crying out for me to sit with it. Not go into it, not expand it. Just sit with it.

meditation, frustration, energy, insight, universe, messages

So that is where I’m at. It’s hard to not push forward, but the messages are clear.

Focus on what you have.

What are you overlooking?

What would happen if you ceased to push forward for one day, one hour or even one minute?

Can we ever truly let go? 

Graciously yours,



13 thoughts on “A Repeating Message from The Universe

  1. Always an interesting journey Sharon, touching those bits we need to be aware of…and of course, not an easy thing to do as they touch our fears in life.
    And that thing they call patience, now that is an experience within itself 😀

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    1. I know….I’m realising how often I want more, instead of just being. Being is where all that you could ever seek is already, yet I’m pushing in the other direction…..into distraction really. Ahhh. 🙂 Hope you’re well Mark, and thank you so much for reading!

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  2. Its human to be a seeker. Cheers Sharon!
    ♡ amy

    The expansion of the Universe and the evolution of all species is dependent on contrast. How could you ever decide what you do want, without living some of what you don’t want? And so, be easy on yourself! Do not try to hold yourself to the impossible standard of only being in a place where everything is exactly as you want it to be. If you could do that you would cease to exist.


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  3. It is remarkable in an unremarkable way how the Universe sends me an answer or three to a question that has been knocking on too many doors. Having recently been told to ‘stop looking’ in all the obvious places because I would bump into information overload, here I was with an unquenchable thirst that has at last been satisfied by a page of wisdom. And for that I am truly grateful.

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    1. HA – I know exactly what you mean, of the unquenchable thirst! Seems we’re all being guided with the same message. We’ll help each other hahah 🙂 Have a lovely day, and thank you for sharing. ❤ Sharon


  4. Exactly, Sharon. By focusing simply on what we already ‘have’ we can begin to see how blessed we already are which then allows us to be with just that. No need for more or better. No need to control or seek. Glad you had and shared this experience. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Eric. I know, I get very caught up in wanting to do more, learn more, then teach more hahhah I have designated today for no-thingness (which is the card I received from the osho tarot this morning…..) Yes, no need for more or better 🙂

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  5. Hi Sharon, I have a slightly different take on your message. It may be way off base and you may gain some insight from or not. Perhaps the universe is telling you that you have all the tools (knowledge) that you need to achieve your sacred contract for this life. It is time to use those tools. Anything else that you need will appear as needed. I say this because it has been my experience that I compensate for my fear of failure by seeking more information, more insight. Basically waiting for the perfect answer or sign, the sure thing. Focus on what you have because it is enough. You are enough. ❤

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    1. That is exactly right Diana, thank you so much for your message and your powerful ending though 🙂 Thank you for exploring it with me and pointing out the deeper message at play here. Yes I do tend to focus on needing more and dismissing what I already have and know. I have many skills and much experience to share, it’s time for more sharing 🙂 You are an Angel Diana, and I thank you so much for your gorgeous message. Thanks for taking the leap in sending it to me. Sending you love, Sharon


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