Channelled Wisdom, but from what Source?

All will come through the art of not-trying.  I scrambled for my pen, as my eyes opened from meditation. It is the unwinding of all the wound up parts of yourselves and your lives. It seemed the messages coming through were for more than just me. I wondered whom or what I'd connected into... And what if … Continue reading Channelled Wisdom, but from what Source?


A Repeating Message from The Universe

Last night as I lay between being awake and slumber I received a very strong message. Focus on what you have.  It just kept repeating over and over, and I knew exactly what it meant. I am a spiritual seeker and for quite some time now, I've been receiving the message to stop seeking. However, … Continue reading A Repeating Message from The Universe

Repeating Numbers Guide; 222, 333 & 444

Like many of you, I've been seeing repeating numbers for a while now and often it's a mixture of the same number sequences of 222, 333 and 444. However recently I've started seeing 555 and even 777 which has peaked my interest to investigate further. In my search I've come across an Angel Intuitive named Kyle Gray, … Continue reading Repeating Numbers Guide; 222, 333 & 444

A Soul’s Call

My Ego paints a future that's bright, while hastily ushering me away, from a past it swears was very bleak. The pattern lures me in, and I sleepily follow it's lead. Yet quiet whispers from a gentle spirit, remains to send the call. Left behind so many times before, yet continuing Her gracious wait, forever in the quiet. And when I … Continue reading A Soul’s Call

I see faces…

Have you ever been laying in bed, gently drifting into that in between awake and asleep space, you know what I'm talking about. But then started to see faces appearing to you clear as day?  If you haven't, then you'll probably be wondering what the hell I'm on about. But bear with me, because some … Continue reading I see faces…