What’s your life purpose?

  Seriously, that question has done my head in for most of my life. And it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I started to question the whole idea as just that - an idea. I'd always assumed it was a fact - that each of us have a life's purpose and when we … Continue reading What’s your life purpose?


What I see in the word Trump.

When I see news about Trump, what I actually see is people using him to divide themselves from other human beings - and acting as though it's him doing it and not them. I see people using his name to abuse other people, and to be mean, heartless and disconnected, and all the while feeling justified in … Continue reading What I see in the word Trump.

Friday Night Revelations

I had the weirdest experience last night in the fish and chip shop, (or fush and chup shop as my fellow Kiwi's would say), I don't know if you can relate to  it or not. I'd paid for my order and was clutching my little ticket with it's winning number. I stood off to the … Continue reading Friday Night Revelations