Are you an Earth Angel?

earth angel, angels, repeating numbers, what are, lightworkers, life purposeWe’ve spoken about connecting in with angels and enlisting their assistance in your life, but did you know angels can incarnate?

Earth Angels are usually very sensitive people who feel deeply driven to help people and / or the planet. They often care for animals, people more disadvantaged than themselves, and the environment. They become aware at a point in their life that they’re meant to be helping on a bigger scale, and most people would say if they knew an earth angel, that they’re very selfless – although the earth angel doesn’t usually think this, as they’re too busy focused on what needs to be done.

Have you felt you’ve always been very sensitive? Were you an emotional child? Did you shut down at some point due to abuse, trauma, or ridicule?

Earth Angel is another term for a Lightworker, which you may have heard before. However often when you start to pursue your deeper desires and explore your esoteric interests a particular term will resonate with you more. And if you permit yourself to explore working with angels your whole life will change.

Does your interest peak when you hear or read stuff about angels? 

Connecting into what we really are, our true nature underneath our dramatic, fearful thoughts and ego-desires, helps us to be able to rest in a place of inner knowing. We are none of that, and what we are is something great. 

Earth angels have often lived many lives, as well as assisting people when they’re in between lives. Advanced Souls or Old Souls can begin learning to be a guide to other humans, but then reincarnate again for another life. Once that has occurred they’re very driven to be guides or to always offer assistance to people throughout their life.

Often earth angels and lightworkers alike, go through a period in which they deny that they could be such a thing. They don’t think they’re special enough, and usually have self-esteem and lack thereof, as a major part of their life theme. 

Once we can realise that we’re all light beings and souls, and we’re all special then we can allow ourselves to become curious about ourselves and our potential, rather than judgemental which limits us and shuts us down before we’ve truly blossomed.

Does this sound like you? Have you felt a deeper desire to help but don’t know how? 

earth angels, angels, repeating numbers, what does it mean, 222, 333, lightworkers, life purpose, help

It’s time for us all to no longer ignore these urges. We’re here on a mission, and it helps to hold some clarity around what that entails, and along with clarity comes fulfillment. When we’re doing what we came down here to do we get to live a fulfilling life, expanding and growing and making the most of our earthly experience.

With love,





13 thoughts on “Are you an Earth Angel?

    1. Beautiful Eric 🙂 You sure are 🙂 And it helps us and others to recognise our own magnificence and to be okay with knowing that, in a Soulful way. We’re so scared of appearing arrogant that we shut down our connection to our own light, and hide in the shadows of the ego-mind. You’re a gift Eric, many thanks. Sharon

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    1. Hi Ashley, wow that’s awesome! Ha yes I’m an earth angel. I received that exact statement in a meditation a long time ago, and it’s been an interesting road trying to understand what that meant, and then also allow myself to think that (let alone share it with others). We’re all so powerful yet we’re the first ones to hold ourselves back and shut it all down- which doesn’t help anyone. Thanks for reading, and your comments. Love Sharon

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      1. Beautiful 🙂 Yes and yes to all of those things! It certainly isn’t just easy and fun, even though it is rewarding. I love meeting other people who work with angels, and are earth angels 🙂 There’s always a special loving energy that emanates, which I love 🙂 Wishing you a gorgeous day Ashley, and thanks heaps for writing here. With love, Sharon

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    1. That’s right, they are 🙂 And a lot more people are waking up to that at the moment. It’s a beautiful realisation to know that we’re more than just this physical body and we’re much more powerful 🙂 Sharon xooxox

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