Something to know about Archangels

The other day I was asked a great question about the angels which I wanted to share here too. She said; so many people I've spoken to say they have Archangel Michael as a guide. Isn't he stretched pretty thin? How can he be a guide for so many people?  The spirit realm doesn't quite work the … Continue reading Something to know about Archangels


What we hide behind our smiles.

In life we can easily get caught up in the race and forget to check if we're going in the right direction. Or even if we're on the right track. And we usually never stop to question whether the track we're on is the right one for us anyway. From the time we were little … Continue reading What we hide behind our smiles.

Energy Forecast for 2016

Can you feel it? This year is gearing up to be big. We've been preparing for years, even decades, and the time is finally upon us. Our cage door has flung open and it's time to fly. 2016 is the year we'll finally be able to follow our hearts desires. So if you've been unhappy in your work then … Continue reading Energy Forecast for 2016