Are you being called?

If you are seeing repeating numbers, such as 222, 333, 444, or 11:11 you are being called. You can choose to ignore your calling, and your life will continue in the same way it has been going. Or, you can choose to answer. There isn't a clear cut definition of what to do to answer … Continue reading Are you being called?


Calling on Angels – A Guide

The angels and divine assistance are always there for us, waiting to be invited into our lives. One of the most beautiful aspects of working with the angels is that you don't need to wholly 'believe' in them. You just need to be open minded enough to want to give it a go, or bold … Continue reading Calling on Angels – A Guide

Knowing this will eliminate road rage forever.

I often wonder how different the world would be if we chose to live more of our lives as our higher selves. I know there'd be many grand differences that would occur on a global scale, however one aspect of life that has come to mind recently that would diminish out of existence, is road rage. There would … Continue reading Knowing this will eliminate road rage forever.

For the Brave ones

We hide from who we really are, yet if only we were brave, we'd discover what we really are; is all we ever need. We'd answer every call for love, whatever package was delivered, so longing feelings could subside, along with hate and anger and greed. Only then the tides'll truly turn, gently forming something grand, cause the … Continue reading For the Brave ones

Words about a Star

Always remember, you are a sacred Star unfolding, discovering itself. And just as you are that, so am I. And just as we are that, so are all others. Yes all others, no matter what. Some unfold graciously, and others quite horrendously, but nonetheless, and I mean truly nonetheless; Stars unfolding.      

Time to Forgive

How easily we forget, that to forgive is but for you. For the only one that holds the pain, the memory, the rage within, is just you in your reality.   You know it's true, that it's not up to them, to love yourself enough;   to utter the words inside of you; I forgive, I forgive, I … Continue reading Time to Forgive

What are we?

Let's not get distracted by thinking we are our harmful ego thoughts. We are none of these. When we feel warmth, that is who we are, when we notice beauty, that is who we are, when we think a loving thought, that is who we are. Let's find ourselves and each other there.

A worthwhile sojourn

A little while ago I was away on holidays for a month. I know - a whole month! Not only was it a month without work, it was also a month without facebook, blogging, and internet. A month without a virtual life. Instead, I spend the time traveling around the South Island of New Zealand, and reflecting upon my … Continue reading A worthwhile sojourn

It’s time to write your Soul Goals

Do you hate New Year's Resolutions? Well, I know the word hate might be a bit harsh, but do you dislike them? Usually even just the thought of New Year's Resolutions reminds us of all the things we didn't do, of our 'failures'. Even the word 'Resolution' is so definitive, and really, it's too black and white … Continue reading It’s time to write your Soul Goals