An Exercise in Raising Consciousness

I did a powerful meditation of breath last night, which left me feeling so good that I really wanted to share it with you all today. The exercise¬†came about after reading the following inspiring and thought provoking words from Eileen Caddy: "This raised state of consciousness is in the very air you breathe." Imagine for … Continue reading An Exercise in Raising Consciousness


Opening to See

These are some words I wrote after a spiritual awakening experience. Are my eyes open when my eyes are open? You might think this silly but we don't know until we do. I didn't know for a long long time til then one day I did. I saw a secret world which lay just beneath … Continue reading Opening to See

Expand our consciousness

I want to share a short and powerful fable which offers our minds a glimpse into the potential ability to expand our consciousness and our lives. I have come to learn that we tend to live within the confines of what we are willing to believe, and more and more I am realising that what … Continue reading Expand our consciousness

How to Channel -Intro Guide

I'm certainly not an expert but over the years I've picked up a few gems when it comes to learning how to channel. I'll start with answering a few common questions about channeling. Can anyone channel? Yes, we can all channel. It does take practice though, but we're all so much more connected than we … Continue reading How to Channel -Intro Guide