Feeling stressed or frustrated? Try this!

Stop for a moment and look at this photo. (Yes this is a real place, not that I have been there but apparently it’s Golden Eye Hotel, St Mary Jamaica – in case you were wondering 🙂 ). But let’s put the details aside for a moment.

Gaze deeply into the photo. Take a big deep breath in and when you exhale, breathe out towards the photo and follow your breath.

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Next imagine yourself in the photo.

Where are you? Are you swimming in the water or standing on the balcony?

Now bring the photo to life. Close your eyes and move around in there.

Feel the water against your body, or the wood against your feet.

Engage your senses. 

Can you hear the sounds of the water, or birds?

Is the air fresh or warm? Can you feel the sun pouring warm golden sunshine onto your head and back?

What do you want to do now you’re here?

You know, you can do anything! 

How do you feel?

Let the water wash your frustration away.

What would it take for you to play? Maybe you want to do a bomb into the water or swing from the trees.

Are you smiling yet?



9 thoughts on “Feeling stressed or frustrated? Try this!

  1. Wow, what a terrific exercise. Thank you, I can totally see myself IN that water, which is the place in the photo that appealed most to me. I can also see that balcony calling to me, inviting me to enjoy my coffee, my writing and wanting to provide me the perfect spot to daydream… gee

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  2. It does work doesn’t it? I try and do this often. I have been to Golden Eye, nice choice, although it was pretty much closed when I went, but it was still as peaceful and restful as your pic. The mind is amazing what it can do if folk let it.

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    1. Wow you’ve been there! That’s amazing! Huh closed eh. Bet it was still beautiful – the surrounds etc. Yes our minds sure are amazing, much more so than we give them credit for I think 🙂

      Have a stunning day! With love, Sharon


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