Feeling stressed or frustrated? Try this!

Stop for a moment and look at this photo. (Yes this is a real place, not that I have been there but apparently it's Golden Eye Hotel, St Mary Jamaica - in case you were wondering 🙂 ). But let's put the details aside for a moment. Gaze deeply into the photo. Take a big deep breath in … Continue reading Feeling stressed or frustrated? Try this!


The Big Blocker of Happiness

There's something so strong that keeps us stuck in the reality of illusion, pain and struggle. It holds us to our painful past and prevents us from seeing who we really are and becoming all that we can be. The big blocker of happiness, keeping us trapped in a painful, hateful and hurtful world is... … Continue reading The Big Blocker of Happiness

Mercury Retro-see ya later!

I've experienced one of the toughest Mercury Retrogrades in years. A mini tornado ripped through my insides stirring up old depressing thoughts which almost seemed believable. And in the world around me, my relationships were also swept up within a tornado of magnified energy and mini conflicts were blasting off all around me. Everything felt … Continue reading Mercury Retro-see ya later!

Something we can all use!

The other night I watched an inspiring online video by the go-getter who started the publishing company MindValley, Vishen Lakhiani. In my view MindValley is potentially the new Hay House of our day. In this video he was talking to an audience about how he built his multi-million dollar company and about what the key difference was, from achieving little … Continue reading Something we can all use!