One Card Reading with no cards

healing, help, love, heart, psychic, reading, oracle, cards, energyI am away on holidays visiting family and friends in Australia. I decided not to bring any oracle or tarot cards with me because I was planning on buying a new deck or two or three, as soon as I arrived however it just hasn’t happened yet. I love to connect into my guides and angels directly but often I also enjoy using a medium such as cards.

Last night as I sat in bed I really wanted to pull a card and receive a message of guidance before drifting off to sleep. As I didn’t have a deck with me I pulled out my journal instead. As soon as I opened to a fresh page the following question clearly made itself know to me – most likely along with a light bulb…

If I drew an oracle card right now what message would it have for me?

Right away I clearly heard: Relax Your Heart

And I didn’t just hear these words, I felt the message deep within me. I knew that this was a powerful message unique to me in this moment.

I wrote down my message and breathed into my heart. I felt walls that I didn’t even know were there begin to relax and my heart softened.

As usual, I surprised myself at how easy it all was and I pondered how often we reach for external help to receive guidance when an overflowing well is right there within us.

If you were to receive a message right now, what would that be?






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  1. Trini Lind says:

    I receive messages in my poems, for they come from my soul, unexpected and sudden 🙂
    I love relax your heart 🙂 It is beautiful! 🙂 ❤

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    1. Thanks Trini, I feel I am still benefiting from my message, and every time I think “relax your heart” I feel my whole body grow calm and open. Hope you are well. With love, Sharon


  2. Maybe something like “turn that bloody music down!”

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  3. Mine was ‘enjoy whats in front of you now’


    1. Oh Mark! I love that! How beautiful and powerful. Divine wisdom often sounds so simple yet to follow it would impact our lives greatly and for the better. With love, Sharon


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