One foot in, One foot out

I feel like most of the time we live this life very confused. We¬†confuse ourselves over what's important and what we care about, we confuse ourselves about who we want to be and what we think about ourselves and others, we confuse ourselves about what's really going on here, and we confuse ourselves into thinking … Continue reading One foot in, One foot out


Sometimes ya gotta laugh

When I started going to spiritual meetings, events and workshops I found that everyone seemed so serious. And for a while there was a part of me that joined in. I thought that maybe we did need to be quiet, reserved and respectful when it came to meditation, healing and spiritual journeys. But the more … Continue reading Sometimes ya gotta laugh

My experience of Astral Travelling

Astral Travelling is a topic I've been interested in for a long time. I've read about other people's experiences and I've read instructions on how to do it but there was still that gap of not experiencing it for myself. I've experienced¬†close calls where I've felt like I was rising out of my body, only … Continue reading My experience of Astral Travelling

Top 5 Tips for Being Unreasonably Happy

Did you know you could be happy without having a reason? Over the years I have stumbled upon wisdom or experienced realisations which have changed my life. Many of which I have forgotten but some have left a permanent imprint on my life. They have left their mark because they have helped me connect into … Continue reading Top 5 Tips for Being Unreasonably Happy