One foot in, One foot out

awaken, wake up, a course in miracles, how to, be happy, find my passion, job, loveI feel like most of the time we live this life very confused. We confuse ourselves over what’s important and what we care about, we confuse ourselves about who we want to be and what we think about ourselves and others, we confuse ourselves about what’s really going on here, and we confuse ourselves into thinking we are finite.

Death, sickness or a sudden change in circumstances can sometimes shift us out of our state of confusion and catapult us into reality – real reality. I’m sure you have experienced a moment or moments in your life where something big has happened and you have been left with such clarity you feel as though up until that moment you must have been living with your head stuck in the bath. But then it fades.

We go back to work, or we find ourselves getting annoyed at the person standing in front of us in a line, and all those superficialities come rolling back in and we slip right back into the blur of our confused existence.

Recently I read a powerful line in A Course In Miracles:

“If you only accept what is timeless as real, you will begin to understand eternity and make it yours.”

I don’t know about you, but I feel awesome when I read that sentence. I don’t fully understand it but I know enough to know that comprehending it isn’t the point.

As the end of the year draws near and a new year is just in sight it’s got me thinking; what do I really care about?

Once I have answered this question, I will then investigate how I can craft my life for 2015 around my answers. At any moment each one of us can choose  to live a life fuelled by what we really care about, and we don’t actually need anything bad to occur to take us to this same conclusion. We can decide right now to let go of the shit that we pretend matters, and start to live.

Let’s live to live.





Sometimes ya gotta laugh

chakra, healing, energy, meditation, reiki, how to, laugh, funny, cartoonWhen I started going to spiritual meetings, events and workshops I found that everyone seemed so serious. And for a while there was a part of me that joined in.

I thought that maybe we did need to be quiet, reserved and respectful when it came to meditation, healing and spiritual journeys. But the more I have ventured this territory on my own (and my own way) I’ve realised that you don’t have to be quiet, reserved and serious. Well more accurately, I’ve realised that you don’t have to be anything. It’s all up to you – to each of us. And we are all right whatever choose.

Some people like to be serious about it all (life), or about certain aspects of life, and some light-hearted – and they are both right and okay.

So a little while ago I gave myself the permission to be light. While scary at first I started to see that people resonated with this way of approaching spiritual work, meditation and healing, and I still attracted clients and groups of people to work with. And I’m sure that when I let go of even more of the ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’  I still abide by, I’ll attract even more.










My experience of Astral Travelling

spiritual, selfimprovement, selfhelp, psychic, help, life, lifestyle, dream, astral travel, how toAstral Travelling is a topic I’ve been interested in for a long time. I’ve read about other people’s experiences and I’ve read instructions on how to do it but there was still that gap of not experiencing it for myself. I’ve experienced close calls where I’ve felt like I was rising out of my body, only to realise it and then snap back. I’ve been able to lucid dream for a long time, and I work with my dreams for problem solving and receiving guidance for specific issues. However the whole astral projection has eluded me. Well, until now.

A few days ago I was laying in bed having just woken up from an afternoon nap. I was still laying with my eyes closed in a dazed sleepy state when I had the thought “I might give astral travelling a go”. Even though I’d tried many times before, this time was different. As I started to try to move without moving I asked for help from the universe, the angels or a guide – it was just a general call for assistance. Almost immediately I felt ‘someone’ put their hand on my knee and then everything started getting really loud. I heard a voice so loudly that it was as though someone was speaking to me through a megaphone, they said “The universe is waiting for you”

That was all I needed. It was a clear, distinct voice that was not my own which sent chills right through my body. What did that even mean? I was so excited, I knew this was it. I gave one big heave, as though I had my arms over my head on the pillow and then in one motion threw them forwards. I moved right out of my body. It was easier than I had been making it all these years.

It was quite easy to move around, however almost like I was a little drunk, like I was finding my sense of balance. Any direction I set my focus on I would move. I was sort of flying but low to the ground, more like as if gravity had been released somewhat. I went through the walls of my house however I didn’t end up on the outside of my house, I went somewhere else.

I was hovering over green grass and as I looked up to my left there was a grassy hill and red brick apartments. There was a set of swings on concrete in front of the apartment building, and as I moved toward them I started playing. I could push off the ground and jump so high, spinning around and I felt exhilarated.

As I stopped playing I called out for a guide. One appeared, soaring over head. I had never seen this guide before and all I could see was a large face, with a big nose. He appeared almost cartoon like. I asked ‘his’ name and heard the reply instantly; “Astrid”.

I was so excited by my experience that I couldn’t wait to come back and tell my partner 🙂 I moved around a bit more with my guide, but then it’s almost as if the moment I had started thinking about coming back there I was. Laying on my bed, however I was completely paralysed. I have experienced this feeling of paralysis many times before but it wasn’t until this time that I realised that it was linked to astral travelling. I breathed and waited for my ability to move my body to return. My heart was beating so fast.

I still don’t know where I went to, but it doesn’t really matter – yet. I feel like I will visit that place again and then I may know where it is and why I am visiting it. I can’t wait to go again.

Top 5 Tips for Being Unreasonably Happy

angel, guide, spirit, psychic, help, how to, be happy, inspire, life, lifestyle, health, selfhelp, Did you know you could be happy without having a reason?

Over the years I have stumbled upon wisdom or experienced realisations which have changed my life. Many of which I have forgotten but some have left a permanent imprint on my life. They have left their mark because they have helped me connect into joy and happiness inside myself, rather than giving me a reason to feel happy which can be much more fleeting.

We all have the capacity to be joyful, light and happy at any moment, without any external stimuli or event. However as we grow up and become adults we forget that happiness doesn’t require a reason.

These are my top five tips for being happy right now, before you’ve changed anything in the external world – like your job, financial situation, lover etc.

1.          Notice likeness over differences.
             This is the most beneficial use of our overused ability to judge other people and ourselves. Hundreds of times in everyday we distinguish how people are different from us, how they are right or wrong, better or worse, what we like or dislike about them. We put ourselves down by comparing ourselves to others and then pump ourselves up by degrading others, when the most beneficial and freeing way to use judgement is to recognise how similar you are. You might start by noticing obvious similarities, and then later on hidden ones. Or you might even just notice that we are all human going about our day doing the best that we can. But even just by giving it a go you will begin to feel that warm and fuzzy feeling in your chest and set yourself free.

2.          Write down all of the things that make you feel really good, and then do something from your list everyday.
This isn’t about what gives you momentary pleasure, it’s about what brings you warm and fuzzy feelings of joy, right through your belly and chest. The things that lift your mood and connect you with your spirit without even trying, and the things that make time feel as though it’s sped up.

3.          Think of others. 
Think about another person, a stranger or someone you know, and ask yourself what you could do for them. It might be as simple as sending them an email about how much they mean to you, or writing a review for their business online, or donating to their charity run. If you can start your day by doing this you are onto a winner. The most successful people I know (and I’m talking about successful in the sense of feeling happy and fulfilled) include doing at least one thing for someone else everyday. It’s a surefire way to pull yourself up and out of victim, poor little old me mode and right into expansive, beaming with love mode!

4.          Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway
Yes this is the title of a book but if we could apply this one little gem then our lives would expand tenfold. The key here is to observe when you shy away from something or say no, whether you are doing it because you are worried or afraid. Once you catch the sneaky bugger in the act and recognise that what you are feeling is fear, then it will become easier to give yourself the extra nudge to say yes instead.

5.         Give up the Need to be Right
Firstly you might start with observing how often you deem yourself right and others wrong. Then spend some time pondering the viewpoint that potentially we are all just walking this planet alike and perhaps none of us really know anything in the way that we think we do. I feel much more free to express myself when I’m not trying to prove that I’m right and conversely that someone else is wrong. And what appears right in one moment, might in some future moment appear ‘wrong’ anyway, so just let it go and we can all be wrong or we can all be right. It doesn’t matter. What could you do differently if you were no longer needing to show others that you are right?

What are your top tips for being happy?