You, wise being of love

awakening, enlightenment, happy, how to, love, life, inspiration, inspiring, spiritual, spiritI used to think life was hard and that people were mean. I cried many times and questioned how people could be so harsh. I would hide under the covers in my bed and not want to come out again.

But now I get it. I understand why people are like that. Why we can be like that.

When a person is mean, or doesn’t like you, or is hurtful, it is okay because that is not who they really are.

That is their small self acting out of fear.

How we feel about it is up to us and in these moments of life and interaction with another person, we have a choice.

We can react to their words and actions, and morph into our small ego-self…Matching who they are being…

Or, we can stay connected to who we really are and regonise their true self – a being of love.

By seeing their higher self by remaining connected to our own highest self, we are able to see that they do not really see us because they are yet to see themselves.

And by staying connected to our true self we can help awaken others to their own inner beauty, power and love.

We are all magnificent beyond words and beyond thoughts. And no matter what we do or say this will always be true.

There is so much love to be experienced by staying connected to the truth about us all no matter what.

It is time to step out of the old layer of skin and let it fall behind us as we finally acknowledge ourselves as the wise beings of love that we truly are.

With love,

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