Out of my comfort zone

Shambhala Meditation Centre, meditation, guided, guide, healing, Hypnotherapy, help, anxiety, relax, how to, stress, health, life, happyI am the biggest creature of habit. As soon as I’ve done something – like gone to a cafe, driven a particular way, or cooked a meal that I like, then I will continue to make it, go there or do that, in the same way for years. It makes me happy because it is familiar and easy. But it’s not true happiness – it’s comfort.

About a month ago I attended a workshop at a beautiful meditation centre in the heart of Wellington. As soon as I walked in I was in love with the room. The place was divine and somewhere within me was a yearning to be the person up the front running the class from that very space.

Thankfully I acted upon this little yearning and almost too easily, after a few calls and an application, things fell into place and it was all set in motion. I was going to hold a class from this venue.

However, almost in the same breath of it being locked in I felt ‘it’. A feeling I know so well, in the pit of my stomach. Fear. What had I done?

I wanted to slink away and hide.

But this time was different. As I felt the usual feeling in my stomach and regret wash over me I invited in a new sense of awareness. I was aware what I was feeling was fear. Just fear. Nothing more, nothing less. Just a feeling.

In that moment I recognised I had two choices. One, to slink back into my comfort zone and not push forward. Or two, to do it anyway. In spite of the fear – or even because of the fear! I recognised that this was something that I really wanted to do and that would it could encourage growth for me BECAUSE of the feeling of fear.

It’s always the things that scare us that bring us the most reward.

So I did it.

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And last night my partner and I held a meditation class from this beautiful venue. Now it is not new anymore. I’ve done it. And I’m really looking forward to running it again next week.

I have expanded my circle to include something that was new but that can now sit inside my comfort zone. I’ve expanded my comfort zone! And you know what else I’ve got inside my zone? The knowing, through this new experience, that I can grow and enjoy doing something which scares me.

When was the last time you did something new?


On Spiritual Awakenings and my first one

soul, awakening, kundalini, past life, past lives, hypnotherapy, wake up, spirit, connection, help, how toSpiritual Awakenings are different for everyone, but they usually have a few things in common…

They stop us in our tracks and make us wonder if or realise that there is more to life than what appears in our physical reality.

They often can’t be explained by using our logical mind.

Often involve the meeting of a spiritual being or entity, such as a guide, angel or a strong connection to your inner guidance, higher self or soul.

They can occur when you least expect it, like when you are feeling really low and desperate, or when you are feeling amazingly happy and loving.

Once you have a spiritual awakening then you usually start to have more. I have experienced quite a few and these days they are becoming more regular. However the first experience, that I can remember, of a spiritual awakening was when I had a hypnotherapy session and I went ‘back’ to a life in which I wasn’t myself. This was something I had fervently not believed in so it was hard to reconcile as the experience was going on, but the detail was so clear that I started to let go somewhat and allow whatever was going on to occur.

I knew my name – which was Amanda (and not Sharon) and I was in the woods and had just been literally dumped here by my boyfriend. I could look down and see my body which was not my body. And I had all of her memories which were not containing any details from my current life, yet I was remembering them as if they were mine. I could feel how she was feeling in that experience which really stopped me in my tracks. But while this was all strange it wasn’t the part that I would term the spiritual awakening – it was what happened afterwards that was.

It was the ‘why’. After trolling through these new memories I moved even deeper and a white light flowed down and into the top of my head. I felt as though I was now laying down (even I knew was still sitting up in a chair). Information started to flow into me too fast and comprehensive to even attempt to say anything out loud. It just poured into me.

Information about why I had just experienced the life of Amanda and how reconnecting with the experiences of her life were going to help me in this life. I was then shown other lives and downloaded their experiences into my consciousness, as if they were my own experiences. I now held memories as if I had lived many lives within my one life, and along with these memories I was imparted with the knowledge of why they were now my memories and how that would help me.

Prior to this experience I hadn’t even believed in anything more than what was on offer to me in the physical reality – what I could see and touch, and I certainly hadn’t believed in past lives or reincarnation, or even that I had a soul! Like many people who had been brought up in a religious household I had rejected it all in my teens, even boasting of being an atheist.

But after this first major spiritual experience or awakening my eyes had been opened. I was changed forever, and as much as I tried I couldn’t go back. I couldn’t deny how much this experience had helped me – and it didn’t even seem to matter what I ‘believed’. It had helped me in a major way.

It wasn’t until then that I realised that through rejecting organised religion I had also rejected discovering my own spirituality. My Soul.

What have you experienced that you can now reflect on – something that changed or shaped your life?

Follow your Happy

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What makes you happiest? 

I regularly reflect upon all of the things which bring me the most enjoyment, fulfillment and joy. A while ago I wrote these things down. Now I refer to this list and add to it, and I ensure I always do at least one or more things from my list everyday.

My list contains things which nourish all parts of me:
Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically and Mentally. 

On this list are things that bring me deep fulfillment such as connecting with friends and family, helping people through sessions, and connecting in with my spirit  guides and angels. And then my list also lists things which nourish me physically such as boxing and walking on the beach. And then it also includes meditation, reading and writing in my journal.

This kind of golden masterlist is a great way to keep you regularly connected into what makes your heart sing and what feeds your soul. 

It’s amazing how quickly we can string too many days together where we are not doing anything that brings us deep fulfillment, joy and happiness.

What is your soul yearning for?

What brings you happiness and joy?

What would it take for you to do one of these things today?

You, wise being of love

awakening, enlightenment, happy, how to, love, life, inspiration, inspiring, spiritual, spiritI used to think life was hard and that people were mean. I cried many times and questioned how people could be so harsh. I would hide under the covers in my bed and not want to come out again.

But now I get it. I understand why people are like that. Why we can be like that.

When a person is mean, or doesn’t like you, or is hurtful, it is okay because that is not who they really are.

That is their small self acting out of fear.

How we feel about it is up to us and in these moments of life and interaction with another person, we have a choice.

We can react to their words and actions, and morph into our small ego-self…Matching who they are being…

Or, we can stay connected to who we really are and regonise their true self – a being of love.

By seeing their higher self by remaining connected to our own highest self, we are able to see that they do not really see us because they are yet to see themselves.

And by staying connected to our true self we can help awaken others to their own inner beauty, power and love.

We are all magnificent beyond words and beyond thoughts. And no matter what we do or say this will always be true.

There is so much love to be experienced by staying connected to the truth about us all no matter what.

It is time to step out of the old layer of skin and let it fall behind us as we finally acknowledge ourselves as the wise beings of love that we truly are.

With love,

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How to feel better about yourself

how to be happy, guilt, help, love, life, lifestyle, acceptance. radical, selfhelpParadoxes never ceases to amaze me. Our world is full of them and when I find another one I feel like I have figured out the next clue to help me navigate through this game of life.

The latest paradox I have been reflecting upon is how we constantly judge and define all the ways in which other people are different to us. But it is not just that we do this, the paradox lies in why we do this. Usually we judge how other people are different to us in an attempt to feel better about ourselves. (Whether we consciously recognise this or not is another story).

The paradox of it all is that it is through sameness and recognition of how we are alike that we can genuinely feel better.

It is through Oneness and through healing our feelings of separation that we can finally know who we really are. Through understanding who we are we can then love and accept ourselves wildly in every moment.

And that is how we can feel better. That is how we can feel so good that we can experience a life full of peace, joy and happiness. And love. Unfiltered, overflowing love. But it all starts within. Once we feel good about ourselves then we cease needing to judge others because we understand and accept them. This doesn’t mean condoning but it also means not condemning. Through wild self love and unreasonable self acceptance we cease needing to judge others at all. Because we no longer judge ourselves.

A little exercise in feeling better:

Close your eyes and let your mind wander to all the people who frustrate you, or who you deem to be nothing like you. C’mon, you know who they are. Let images or thoughts of anyone and everyone come into your mind. As they start appearing repeat the following statement:

I love and accept all of me. I love and accept all of me. I love and accept all of me.

How do you feel about these people now?

How do you feel about yourself?