Out of my comfort zone

I am the biggest creature of habit. As soon as I've done something - like gone to a cafe, driven a particular way, or cooked a meal that I like, then I will continue to make it, go there or do that, in the same way for years. It makes me happy because it is … Continue reading Out of my comfort zone


On Spiritual Awakenings and my first one

Spiritual Awakenings are different for everyone, but they usually have a few things in common... They stop us in our tracks and make us wonder if or realise that there is more to life than what appears in our physical reality. They often can't be explained by using our logical mind. Often involve the meeting … Continue reading On Spiritual Awakenings and my first one

Follow your Happy

What makes you happiest?  I regularly reflect upon all of the things which bring me the most enjoyment, fulfillment and joy. A while ago I wrote these things down. Now I refer to this list and add to it, and I ensure I always do at least one or more things from my list everyday. … Continue reading Follow your Happy

You, wise being of love

I used to think life was hard and that people were mean. I cried many times and questioned how people could be so harsh. I would hide under the covers in my bed and not want to come out again. But now I get it. I understand why people are like that. Why we can … Continue reading You, wise being of love

How to feel better about yourself

Paradoxes never ceases to amaze me. Our world is full of them and when I find another one I feel like I have figured out the next clue to help me navigate through this game of life. The latest paradox I have been reflecting upon is how we constantly judge and define all the ways … Continue reading How to feel better about yourself