What we all need to know

self-worth, self improvement, self development, self help, happy, life, how toAt meditation group last night an interesting conversation ensued about the possibility of knowing you are enough just as you are.

In my past I spent years struggling with this: I had believed that I was not enough, that I wasn’t a good person and that there was a lot I needed to do to somehow make up for being me. I didn’t feel worthy of love or happiness and I felt that I needed to do something to be worthy.

The paradox of it all is that as soon as you let go and recognise that you are okay just as you are, the sooner you can unleash your natural ability to feel lasting joy, limitless love, and willingness to create a life that is deeply fulfilling for you.

The whole world opens up when you let go of needing to prove your worth. 

It is the belief that we are not okay that can keep us from experiencing the pure joy of just being alive, and the freedom to let our excitement and internal joy guide our actions.

There is nothing we need to do to be enough. 

It is when we believe we are not enough that we let our fears drive our actions, which is a futile pursuit if we ever wish to feel happy.

What would it take for you to know that you’re enough? 

What would your life be like if you felt okay just as you are, without needing to do anything?

Let’s make a pact to let ourselves take pleasure in just being us, to see the beauty that lies within each and everyone of us. Let’s unhook ourselves from hollow expectations and demands, and invite in a connection to our true selves, starting this very minute.

Mantra for today:

I am enough. I am enough just as I am. I am always enough. I am enough.

With love,

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