Holy Crumbs! …and thank you

Today I am celebrating every gorgeous soul who has ever read, liked, commented, or shared a post from my blog. And I thank you all for supporting me and this blog project. What an adventure this blog has been: one of challenge, growth and joy. I have met so many interesting people from all over … Continue reading Holy Crumbs! …and thank you


Our Greatest Obstacle

Our perception that we understand what things are just because we remember a label or a definition, or that we know what we are doing, is the greatest blocker to experiencing what is actually occurring. I think the world would be a much freerer place if we just admitted that we don't really understand anything … Continue reading Our Greatest Obstacle

Is your jaw tense right now?

What would it take for you to lighten up? A good place to start is to notice if you are tense. Often we can think we are relaxed when really we have just become used to being stressed! So we'll start with awareness. Bring your awareness to your physical body. Is your jaw and mouth … Continue reading Is your jaw tense right now?

222, 333, 444. Do you see repeating numbers?

Do you look at the clock right at the same time each day? Are number patterns like 222, 333, 444 or 11:11 showing up all over your life - on bills, receipts, clocks, price tags, emails? Well, you're not alone. Lots of people are noticing this phenomenon and many people have differing interpretations on what is occurring. Seeing … Continue reading 222, 333, 444. Do you see repeating numbers?

What we all need to know

At meditation group last night an interesting conversation ensued about the possibility of knowing you are enough just as you are. In my past I spent years struggling with this: I had believed that I was not enough, that I wasn't a good person and that there was a lot I needed to do to somehow … Continue reading What we all need to know

Can you talk to angels?

It's actually a whole lot easier than you might think to communicate with angels and spirit guides. And it's not even a matter of whether you are able to do it or not, because we all can, it's just a matter of how many blocks you've placed in the way of making a connection. Most … Continue reading Can you talk to angels?