Self-Healing Chakra Meditation

chakra, self-healing, healing, how to, meditation, free, uplift, inspireWhen you look at this image, what captures your attention the most? Don’t think too hard about it, just glance at each image and the words beside it. Notice where your eyes want to pause or come back to. You might be attracted to the colour, the symbol or the words that are with it, so however it grabs your attention – it doesn’t matter.

When I gaze at the picture, my eyes land on “I Am”, the red image that correlates to the Root Chakra. Upon first glance I feel as though this is highlighting what I have been working on for a while now – understanding who I really am. I feel encouragement to continue and I will use this image for the meditation.

Which image stands out to you?

When you know which chakra you will focus on, stare at it and let your eyes blur a little. Notice what comes to mind when you stare at the image and breathe. You may already know which Chakra the image and words are for, however if not I have listed the common interpretations here.

The red image with “I Am” is the Root Chakra which is located at the base of your spine, the “I Feel” is the Sacral Chakra located behind your belly button, the “I Do” is the Solar Plexus and located directly upwards from your belly button at the base of your rib cage, the “I Love” is your Heart Chakra, located near your physical heart but usually for people it is more in the centre of their chest, the “I Speak” is your Throat Chakra at the base of your throat, the “I see” is your Third Eye located around around the centre of your forehead, in between your eyebrows, then the “I Understand” is your Crown Chakra centred around the top of your head.

As you consciously breathe, let your eyes fall closed. Visualise the image you were just gazing at as now being inside of you, in the physical location of the corresponding chakra.

Once focused on this energy centre within your body, hold your attention while you breathe for 3 cycles (3 deep inhales and 3 deep exhales). Now imagine a small ball of light that is deep within that same part of your body. Once you can feel, sense or see it within you, use your in breath to breathe into that part of your body – maintaining your focus (thoughts and awareness) on that spot.

Every breath in that you take breathes oxygen directly into the ball of light, filling it and encouraging it to grow and expand. Continue breathing into it as though you were blowing up a balloon that will never burst. See the ball of light growing bigger, stronger and brighter. Ask yourself, if the ball of light had a colour, what colour would that be? (It may be different or the same as the image above.)

If this part of your body and energy system feels blocked or closed off in someway, enlist the help of your exhale breath and breathe out any tension, blocks, or pain from this area. Establish a cycle of breath with every in breath filling the ball of light, and every out breath releasing tension, blocks, pain and thoughts.

Continue this cycle of breath until you establish a connection with the chakra – this connection will be an individual thing, unique for you. You may feel an emotion or even a physical sensation, you might see images or memories, you may notice thoughts presenting seemingly out of nowhere in your mind. Don’t worry if you are not experiencing a connection in the way that you think you should – no-one’s experience will be the same.

It’s all about discovering what is happening for you.

This exercise is a powerful self-healing practice and the more you do it, the easier it becomes. This is especially good to do if you feel out of alignment or unbalanced, low on energy, or just not yourself. It is also great to do if there is an area of your life that is challenging you.

Feel the power of tuning into yourself, nurturing yourself and healing yourself. What was this experience like for you?



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