A Life Changing Lesson

Did you know that you could fall in love with your life exactly as it is now?

eckhart tolle, quotes, life, love, inspired, unhappy, how to be happy, anxious, stress, power of nowDid you realise that in each moment you could choose to accept where you are, what you are doing, and everything that is occurring in your life, and actually enjoy it? It is easy to become entangled and lost in a disgruntled attitude about your life, without ever really stopping to wonder what your life would be life if you just enjoyed it.

Maybe your job wouldn’t actually be that bad and you could discover what you are actually gaining from being there, or maybe your sense of positivity would help you to feel so strong so that you could actually apply for that job you’ve always wanted, or write that book, or turn your hobby into a business.

Recently I read a passage from a book by Sonia Choquette which was all about creating the life of your dreams, and it posed the question – Can you upgrade your journey? Meaning, if you are living a life of struggle and just getting by, if there is conflict in your life, or if you are generally unhappy – can it really change? Her answer was this:

Yes! Anyone who is willing to ask for more from life and make the effort to get it, anyone who wants to enjoy his or her life experience rather than suffer and be a victim of it, can live a life they love. The only requirement is that you be open to loving life – your life – fully, and view everyone and everything as a learning opportunity.

The idea that you can learn to love life – your life – is so powerful and can help you shift out of feeling as though you are a victim of your circumstances and move you into the position of being the creator of your happiness, the guide on your life adventure. I know hard it can be to let go of the feeling that you hate your job, or that you are forced to live a life that doesn’t fulfill you – because often we feel that we need to hold onto the dislike as a form of motivation, so we do something to make our lives better. But this is just not the case. The more we hate who we are and how we live our lives, then the more beat down we feel by life, and the more we feel powerless to do anything about it. This is a surefire recipe for remaining unhappy and unfulfilled.

Learn to love your life exactly as it is right now, and watch it turn into the life of your dreams!

What would it feel like if you loved your life, right now?





5 thoughts on “A Life Changing Lesson

  1. Hi! I’ve been trying to post comments on your blog. I liked the one that talks about what’s right in your life. And why do you love your life. I used that topic as an inspiration for my new blog


  2. I try to tell myself when I’m struggling, that things are as they’re supposed to be. I should try to look at my struggles as a learning opportunity, although sometimes it’s hard to stay positive. Keep the blogs coming. I love your blog and I read your ” about me” and I’ve been looking for a reiki practitioner. I’m in New York though but who knows. You said you do what, through Skype?


    1. Thanks for your support šŸ™‚ Yes I do sessions over skype, I have clients in America, Canada and Australia and the sessions are the same whether they are on skype or in personl. All that is required is a good internet connection (not wireless) and headphones. I am happy to have a non-committal chat with you over skype that way you can meet me and we can talk about what is going on for you and the direction and focus we might take for the session, and also you get to ask any questions and check the internet connection prior to booking in.

      Let me know if you are interested and we can arrange a time this week to have a chat.

      Warm wishes,


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