7 Days of Loving Life, Day 1

positive thinking, shift, life, love, happiness, joyIn working with gratitude my way, I am inspired to write ‘what I love about my life’ lists right here on this blog, for 7 days.

I am choosing 7 days because I know this is enough to create a shift within my mind to one of love, joy and positivity, and to be able to instill a practice of noticing all that is good and great in my life! Also, it is an easy amount of time to commit to, and offers a short time to be able to reflect upon any shifts that I experience over this period. I am intrigued to find out – when doing this exercise by using automatic writing, writing without thinking too much, what comes out and how this changes the more I write these lists.

What would it take for you to join in, and write a small paragraph or list each day, for 7 days?

And, in the true essence of loving life and loving yourself, these do not need to be written over 7 consecutive days! Let’s be kind to ourselves, and just do the best we can.

Day 1. Loving Life

I love that I have time to read and do cards each morning, and I love that I can feel connected to what is really important to me first thing in the morning.
I love that I can see the morning sky from my windows. I love that I can feel love within me, and that I love all the aspects of my life. I love the potential of what each day can bring and that each day holds feelings of excitement and joy.
I love that I have deep connections with people and that I feel joy and my love for them when they are around, or even just when I think about them.
I love that I have been letting go of holding external goals for my life and I love that I have discovered that I can feel fulfillment right now.
I love the desk that I have set up to write right by the window, and I love that I have created the time in my life to do the things I enjoy.

What do you love about your life right now?


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