Today I Give…

giving, receiving, thanks, gratitude, love, positive thinkingToday I give thanks and love to all the people I have ever had the privilege of working with. I know that every client who comes has something to offer me, of which they are usually completely unaware. I am so thankful for each and every experience, and each person allowing me to live a life of deep fulfillment through helping others.

Recently I have been reminded of a passage of a course in miracles that moved me so deeply and changed the way I view what I do:

The unhealed healer wants gratitude from his brothers, but he is not grateful to them. That is because he thinks he is giving something to them, and is not receiving something equally desirable in return.

It is interesting to ponder instances in life where you believe you are giving something to another person. And how often we’ve thought that we even can give without receiving. Think of a time recently where you gave something to another person: your time, money, a meal, doing the washing up, taking care of someone, work… Now ask yourself, what did you receive through this interaction? What if every time you gave something – even giving of yourself – you immediately received? Would you be able to give more freely?

What would happen if you lived as though giving and receiving were the same thing AND you let yourself feel only gratitude and love – rather than guilt, for knowing how much you receive when you give? What would your life be like then?



7 Days of Loving Life, Day 1

positive thinking, shift, life, love, happiness, joyIn working with gratitude my way, I am inspired to write ‘what I love about my life’ lists right here on this blog, for 7 days.

I am choosing 7 days because I know this is enough to create a shift within my mind to one of love, joy and positivity, and to be able to instill a practice of noticing all that is good and great in my life! Also, it is an easy amount of time to commit to, and offers a short time to be able to reflect upon any shifts that I experience over this period. I am intrigued to find out – when doing this exercise by using automatic writing, writing without thinking too much, what comes out and how this changes the more I write these lists.

What would it take for you to join in, and write a small paragraph or list each day, for 7 days?

And, in the true essence of loving life and loving yourself, these do not need to be written over 7 consecutive days! Let’s be kind to ourselves, and just do the best we can.

Day 1. Loving Life

I love that I have time to read and do cards each morning, and I love that I can feel connected to what is really important to me first thing in the morning.
I love that I can see the morning sky from my windows. I love that I can feel love within me, and that I love all the aspects of my life. I love the potential of what each day can bring and that each day holds feelings of excitement and joy.
I love that I have deep connections with people and that I feel joy and my love for them when they are around, or even just when I think about them.
I love that I have been letting go of holding external goals for my life and I love that I have discovered that I can feel fulfillment right now.
I love the desk that I have set up to write right by the window, and I love that I have created the time in my life to do the things I enjoy.

What do you love about your life right now?

What Do You Love?

how to be happy, love, gratitude, selfhelp, self improvementI’m sure you, like me, have heard so many people rave on and on about how wonderful ‘practicing gratitude’ is and how life-changing keeping a gratitude journal is… Which, don’t get me wrong, I totally agree with as an idea or a concept, however I’ve just never really had much luck with getting into it!

I get the concept but it’s just the doing part that I struggle with. And in the past even when I’ve decided to give it a real go, dedicating time and effort to do it and stick to it, the practice just never really lasts, and usually about one week into the process (or even a couple of days in) I’ve totally forgotten all about it.

However, recently I started to wonder why it was that I loved the concept however I couldn’t keep up the practice. And through an honest evaluation I could see exactly where there was a kink in the chain! The problem was that I had been trying to do it ‘their’ way, and I hadn’t ever sat and thought about how I could do it my way! I hadn’t injected ME into the practice!

So letting myself be more free with the whole idea of gratitude, right away I knew that if I was going to do it my way I wouldn’t even be using the word ‘gratitude’. This is because the word gratitude doesn’t really hold much energy for me. I get what it means, but it’s just not a word I use. So then I asked myself what would I use? And right away a word came to me, a word I use a lot, and one that holds so much energy that it’s almost bursting… Love! I love the word love! And in the excitement of this realisation I grabbed a pen and started to write.

I wrote about everything I love about my life.

I wrote about the people I love, the experiences that I love, the aspects of jobs that I love, I even wrote about things that had happened that were hard at the time but I’d learnt a lot through because I could genuinely say (now) that I love that experience! Then I realised how easy and FUN this was! I could feel LOVE inside of my body, growing as I wrote.

I could feel the difference. Gratitude felt almost life-less and was more of a mental task that required thought and a prompt to remind myself to do it. However LOVE, well, each day after that first experience of doing it my way, I was reminded by my body, by the feeling of love inside my chest to ‘practice gratitude’. This feeling of LOVE made me excited to create moments in each day to curl up with my diary and write down what I love.

And from this regular practice I cultivated a lasting frame of mind stemming from love! Now I can more easily see all the aspects big or small that I love about my life, in each day and in each moment. Also, I more easily notice the positives in other people and in the world as a whole rather than the negatives, because my brain is hot-wired for LOVE!

What would it take for you, right now, to grab a pen and paper, or open up a word document and write down what you love about your life?

Enjoy The Ride

enlightenment, how to be happy, self acceptance, laugh, inspireI’ve just caught myself taking life too seriously again. What about you?

What is missed while we stress, worry and plan?

Can you find your thoughts amusing, or are you easily carried away by them?

What one thing could you do right now to lighten up?