What Keeps You Stuck?

How to let go, happiness, your past, limiting beliefs, low-confidenceOn Sunday I went into such a deep meditation but then awoke with a jump. As I was waking I was repeating a statement over and over in my head. I haven’t been able to forget that statement and I’d like to share it with you all – as it may hold meaning for you also.

“I let go of the story I tell myself, about me”

I began to see clearly all of the stories I constantly tell myself about me – about who I believe myself to be, what I like or don’t like, what I’m good at or not good at and so on. And then I realised that these are all limitations – and what I term ‘good’ and ‘bad’ stories are all actually just exactly the same. They all just limit me from creating, experiencing and discovering myself in that very moment. Each belief and thought that I hold about myself keeps me from truly experiencing the moment that is actually happening.

Every belief we hold drags the past into the present, and keeps us stuck to re-live life in the same way. We prevent a new way of being from appearing.

So now, whenever I catch myself saying a thought or belief about myself (usually just to me inside my own head) I take this as an opportunity to affirm my choice to the universe – the choice that I am releasing the limitation and restriction I have been placing on myself, by saying: “I let go of the story I tell myself, about me. I let go of the story I tell myself, about me.” Over and over, until I connect back in with the present moment. That statement allows me to let go of the past and let go of the future, it brings me directly into the moment, to finally be present in all it’s glory!

What stories do you tell yourself about you, that keep you comfortable or ‘safe’? What are those statements that you say about yourself that you’re now willing to let go of?


How To Never Be Lonely Again

Love everyone, open heart, how to, oneness, union, inspiringI am working with something at the moment that is drastically changing my life – and I know I’m still just scratching the surface.

I have been radically updating the way I view friends – well the way I view the idea of friends. I have come to see that a big reason so many people feel lonely is because we are constantly blocking the feeling of closeness to other people. And often, we do this because we are merely adhering to the preconceived ideas we hold about relationships, as well as falling into line with what we perceive are the societal norms.

We place a definition onto so many people and the relationships in our lives, and most of the time we aren’t even consciously aware we are doing it. The people at work we often consider work colleagues, people we’ve only just met are acquaintances or even still strangers, some people are friends, some people are good friends, and we may even have some best friends, sisters, brothers, family, partners, lovers, ex-partners/lovers and the list goes on and on. And by placing these definitions on people and our relationships with them we begin to limit them.

But what if we dropped all of that – all of the definitions and ideas? What if each person we encountered in any and all areas of our lives were immediately considered a good friend or a great friend – or even a BEST FRIEND – what do you think your life would be like then?

Imagine some of the people you cross paths with in a day, potentially a shop assistant, someone at the bus stop, your manager at work, someone you meet up with for lunch, then the person/people you come home to, or choose to meet up with or call on the weekend. Close your eyes for a moment and just imagine that each one of these people, and even the people you have no direct contact with, all instantly became dear friends of yours, whom cared for you, only wanted what was best for you, and deep down loved you. Each person was someone that you were excited to see, genuinely interested in what they had to say, that you cared for dearly, and that deep down you loved.

I know personally, when I think like this the whole world opens up! I smile for no reason (or for many reasons:), I easily express myself, I’m courageous, friendly and kind, and I try new things because I no longer require the comfort of ‘going along with a friend’ because everyone is my friend – whether they know it or not! It is easy to go anywhere and do anything, and you have connections literally all over the place – anywhere you go! Your experience of the world and of humanity opens up and expands in limitless proportions, and you feel at home.

Try for today to view everyone you encounter as a dear friend; a person with whom you can easily open up to, someone you can share a warm smile with, someone who knows you. How do you feel when you think in this way?

What Are You Hiding?

be beautiful, thich nhat hanh, self-acceptance Aren’t you tired of still trying to fit in? I know – I’m clearly not talking to you, of course you don’t care what anybody else thinks of you…… Don’t worry though, you’re not alone. Most of us still want to be liked and accepted by those around us – we just don’t say it to each other, or dare let anyone else know.

I wonder what would happen if we all just let go of any desire to be liked or accepted, and I mean really let it go? If we no longer even had an inkling of a thought that someone else might not like us – or like us. It’s all the same really. Imagine, not having even a single thought about what your parents, sisters, friends, or even strangers thought of you. What would you be like then?

How different might your life be? What would you be doing? What new hobbies do you think you’d take up? How would you dress? How would you speak? What would you do for work?

Let’s drop the veil and reveal our true selves to the world!

And you know what? We all might actually become a lot more inspired by the people around us, instead of going along with the idea that there is even one single person who knows what the hell they are doing!