Connecting with the Spirit Realm

Divine art, rassouli, medium, psychicLast night I selected a chunky rose quartz to accompany me into bed. I placed it over my heart and breathed deeply. This was to ensure my heart was open and my energy clear.

I felt my entire body relax and I experienced a light buzzing sensation throughout. It was such a pleasant experience, like I was in deep meditation without even really trying. As my eyes started to grow sleepy I called in the angels and spirit guides and asked them for a deep connection and message during slumber. When I was ready to sleep I popped the crystal under my pillow.

During my sleep I dreamed so vividly, and in this particular dream I knew I was asleep and that I was walking in a dream. I walked into my parent’s bedroom of my old family home and all of my extended family was crammed in there and having a party! Everyone was happy and having a good time, and no-one cared they were all squashed up into each other. I had never seen our whole family quite this happy before.

My eyes moved directly to the far left corner of the room and were immediately met by familiar big brown eyes staring right back at me… It was my Uncle – who had passed away many years ago! Some people moved and interrupted my visual to him, so I motioned toward him. I squeezed past my relatives and easily made it over to him – as I looked up I realised how tall and grand my Uncle looked right now. I was still very much aware that this was a dream and without the need for words I thanked my Uncle for surprising me with this visit.

He bent down and hugged me. With my arms wrapped tightly around his neck he stood back up and I continued hugging as my feet lifted off the ground! This hug…. Words can hardly do it justice. It felt as though a tidal wave of love poured over me, and I knew how safe and secure I was — and always am, no matter what. Within this hug I knew that everything in my life was exactly as it should be. I received a message that I can relax and celebrate every moment – but this message wasn’t spoken, it was received through waves of loving energy passing through me.

I knew that Spirit wanted me to feel how perfect everything really is, and to know everything is happening in divine timing.

I woke up immediately after this dream and still felt as though I was basking in the powerful energy of that hug. I am so grateful for this reminder that even though we might be striving for success and fulfillment, everything is always exactly as it should be. There is never any need to rush or control, it is okay to let go of the reigns, celebrate and enjoy the ride!


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