Tell Me What Is Right

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Today’s message is simple; focus on what is right.

What is right in the world?

What is going right in your life?

What went right this morning?

What can you do right?

What does your partner/friend/coworker do right?

It is easy to get caught up in conversation, either with another person or just inside your own head, about what is wrong…. what went wrong at work, what your coworker did wrong, what is wrong with the world, what you’re doing wrong….But how often do you reflect on what is right?

Play a little game and as you move through your day notice all that is right. How do you feel when you see all that is right in the world, in people, and in your life?

What becomes the content of your conversations when you focus on what is right?


Would You Take It?

Be Happy, Anxiety, stress-free, When you are right in it you can’t always see the bigger picture.

Imagine if everything going on in your life was happening exactly as it should be? What if a change in perspective was all that was required for you to be happy and carefree, right now?

Would you take it?

Think about something going on in your life at the moment, an area you might worry or stress about, such as; not feeling good enough, not having enough money, a conflict with another person, feeling too overweight, lonely or unlovable. Hold that thought for just a moment, while you ask; What if this was exactly as it should be? What would I gain from it being that way? If you chose this exact situation, why would that be? 

Notice what answers you receive and write them down. How did you feel when you viewed this situation as just right?

What worries can you now let go of?

Release a big breath of air and repeat to yourself; everything is just as it should be, I can let go of all worry, and be present to experience the beauty that is my life!

Phrases for Working With Angels and Guides

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This post is all about offering suggestions of specific phrases to help you work with your angels and guides more fully. I encourage you not to think too hard about the words, but to just give it a go and see how you feel during and afterwards. The way I live my life is that if something feels good and is stemming from love, then it can be a positive addition to your life and is worth giving a try! Too often we quash things because our mind can’t make sense of it first, or because we don’t know whether it’s ‘true’ or not.

For Guidance:

“I invite the angels/guides into everything that I do and I give you permission to intervene and guide me for my highest good/purpose.” -this can be repeated throughout your day, and inserting in whatever activity you are doing. Eg: “I call the angels into this car trip right now, or I call the angels into my work day, or I call the angels into this meeting.”

“I call in my angels / guides (repeat). Thank you for hearing me and arriving so quickly. Can you please offer me clarity and guidance in the area of <career, money, love etc>, as I feel stuck and unsure of my highest path. I will remain open and aware to receive your guidance over the next few days, in any way that you are able to best communicate this to me.”

“I ask the angels/ guides to offer me signs throughout my day, so that I can feel your presence and support. I will look out for your presence and remain open.”

For Healing:

“I call in Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael (insert any angels, guides or even your higher self – whichever you feel drawn to. You can repeat this 3 or so times until you feel their presence). Thank you for coming. I ask that you balance my energy right now, and heal release any energy that is not of the highest vibration, and that no longer serves me. Thank you for this healing,”

Angel energy is so uplifting, light and loving, so when you are feeling an emotion such as stress, nervousness, anxiety, or any experiencing any emotion or thought stemming from fear, you can invite the angels (and their energy) into that emotion. For example: “I call the angels into my fear” or “I call the angels into my feelings of anxiety/stress/worry”. This infuses the harsher emotion or fear with loving, light energy and you can usually feel it dissipate right away! When I do this I can go from feeling scared or anxious, to feeling light, happy and even laughing within a few short moments!!

“I ask the angels and guides for help with making choices that are for my higher good.”

“I ask the angels and guides for help with opening my heart more fully, in order to love and accept myself, and love and accept all others.”

“I ask my angels/guides/higher self for help with letting go of anything that no longer serves me or my highest good.”

Thanks and Gratitude:

“I thank my angels and guides for always being there for me, for communicating clearly and for listening.”

“Thank you angels and guides for intervening in my life, for my highest good. Thank you for helping me make better choices, and for opening my heart so I can love more freely.”

“Thank you for all of the loving energy that you provide, I love and appreciate your support and presence.”

Just simply thinking of your angels/guides/higher self and then saying “I love you!”

I’d love to hear any phrases that you commonly use, or that have worked for you in the past!

Have a wonderful day!


Connecting with the Spirit Realm

Divine art, rassouli, medium, psychicLast night I selected a chunky rose quartz to accompany me into bed. I placed it over my heart and breathed deeply. This was to ensure my heart was open and my energy clear.

I felt my entire body relax and I experienced a light buzzing sensation throughout. It was such a pleasant experience, like I was in deep meditation without even really trying. As my eyes started to grow sleepy I called in the angels and spirit guides and asked them for a deep connection and message during slumber. When I was ready to sleep I popped the crystal under my pillow.

During my sleep I dreamed so vividly, and in this particular dream I knew I was asleep and that I was walking in a dream. I walked into my parent’s bedroom of my old family home and all of my extended family was crammed in there and having a party! Everyone was happy and having a good time, and no-one cared they were all squashed up into each other. I had never seen our whole family quite this happy before.

My eyes moved directly to the far left corner of the room and were immediately met by familiar big brown eyes staring right back at me… It was my Uncle – who had passed away many years ago! Some people moved and interrupted my visual to him, so I motioned toward him. I squeezed past my relatives and easily made it over to him – as I looked up I realised how tall and grand my Uncle looked right now. I was still very much aware that this was a dream and without the need for words I thanked my Uncle for surprising me with this visit.

He bent down and hugged me. With my arms wrapped tightly around his neck he stood back up and I continued hugging as my feet lifted off the ground! This hug…. Words can hardly do it justice. It felt as though a tidal wave of love poured over me, and I knew how safe and secure I was — and always am, no matter what. Within this hug I knew that everything in my life was exactly as it should be. I received a message that I can relax and celebrate every moment – but this message wasn’t spoken, it was received through waves of loving energy passing through me.

I knew that Spirit wanted me to feel how perfect everything really is, and to know everything is happening in divine timing.

I woke up immediately after this dream and still felt as though I was basking in the powerful energy of that hug. I am so grateful for this reminder that even though we might be striving for success and fulfillment, everything is always exactly as it should be. There is never any need to rush or control, it is okay to let go of the reigns, celebrate and enjoy the ride!