Tell Me What Is Right

Today's message is simple; focus on what is right. What is right in the world? What is going right in your life? What went right this morning? What can you do right? What does your partner/friend/coworker do right? It is easy to get caught up in conversation, either with another person or just inside your … Continue reading Tell Me What Is Right


Would You Take It?

When you are right in it you can't always see the bigger picture. Imagine if everything going on in your life was happening exactly as it should be? What if a change in perspective was all that was required for you to be happy and carefree, right now? Would you take it? Think about something … Continue reading Would You Take It?

Phrases for Working With Angels and Guides

This post is all about offering suggestions of specific phrases to help you work with your angels and guides more fully. I encourage you not to think too hard about the words, but to just give it a go and see how you feel during and afterwards. The way I live my life is that … Continue reading Phrases for Working With Angels and Guides

Connecting with the Spirit Realm

Last night I selected a chunky rose quartz to accompany me into bed. I placed it over my heart and breathed deeply. This was to ensure my heart was open and my energy clear. I felt my entire body relax and I experienced a light buzzing sensation throughout. It was such a pleasant experience, like … Continue reading Connecting with the Spirit Realm