Do You Ever Stop Thinking?

Awakened, awake, mindfulness, happy, enlightenmentWhen do your thoughts begin each day? Is there a moment just as you are waking that is before thought? Maybe even before you open your eyes? And what about when they end, just as you are drifting into slumber; is there a moment when you let go of all thought and thinking?

Are there any other moments within your day that you are just experiencing, just being – without thought? Tiny moments where you experience reality as it really is, without any thought attached, without any learned meaning, history or memory.

You can even choose a moment right now; to experience yourself and the world as it really is.

Find something to look at; it may be your computer screen or a pen nearby or even your hand. Take a moment to breathe while you open your eyes to look at it; to really look at it and see what is actually there. Really seeing requires no thought, and as soon as a thought appears in your mind to help define what you are looking at, then you are no longer really seeing. You are now thinking.

What do you see when you are no longer thinking?


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