How You Can Benefit From Grounding

Tree, meditation, healing, what is, how to ground, healingYou may have heard the term ‘grounding’ along your travels, but it is easy to miss what that actually means and why it is beneficial to you.

Grounding simply means to connect back into the energy of the earth, your roots, so to speak. In our fast-paced, high pressure society feelings of stress and anxiety are often generated from situations which are not actually life threatening, and leave us with an altered perspective on reality. Living this way for prolonged periods leaves us further and further away from reality and that these are not ‘real’ threats, and we can let the pressures of our job, relationships or home life consume us. This is where our minds can become overloaded with ego based thoughts, and we can get very down on ourselves and our situation.

Connecting back into the energy of the earth through grounding helps us to realign with the higher perspective available, it helps us remember what is important, and what is actually just a manufactured pressure or stress. Grounding helps us to release the energy of stress and anxiety, as well as release ego based thoughts that are usually stemming from fear, from our minds. By connecting back into the earth, our roots, we connect back into our deeper self, and the more regularly we do this the easier it becomes to cultivate a positive and calm state of mind.

Methods of grounding can include literally connecting with the earth, such as walking barefoot along the sand or grass, or hiking through a forest. As well as many forms of exercise which connect us back into our body and can promote lowering your state of awareness from your head and into your heart – what you might call getting out of your head.

Another way to ground is through meditation, where we ground back into ourselves, the higher perspective available, and out of our thoughts.

Close your eyes and breathe. Feel your body already beginning to release tension as you draw in full breaths of air – ensuring your abdomen moves out with each in breath. Now imagine you are sitting down at the base of an old oak tree, or any kind of tree. Imagine the tree with long branches that hang out over you, you can hear the rustling of the leaves, and feel a gentle breeze flow through your hair and across your face. Flickers of sun shine down through the leaves, warming your face, and glistening over your eyes.

As you sit beneath the tree focus on the centre of the top of your head. Slowly and gently move your point of focus directly down the back of your head. Taking your time. Follow the line very gradually down the back of your neck and into the top of your spine. Follow every inch of your spine down the curve of your back, moving even slower as your flow down, down, all the way to the base of your spine. Even saying the words in your head, over and over; down, down, down.

When you reach the base of your spine, imagine roots flowing out from your spine, just like the roots of this tree that you rest upon. They flow from your spine and into the grass and then into soil beneath you. Follow your roots as they meander home, spreading as far and as wide and as deep as you like. And as your roots connect deeply back into the earth move your focus back up to your head, and send any thoughts still in your head down the line that you have created, from the top of your head and all the way down your spine and into the earth. Continue doing this until your mind is clear and you have let go of your stress.

Thank the energy of the earth for helping you clear your mind and rejuvenate your energy.


How Do You Live?

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When we live asleep we shuffle along through life reacting to the drama and the details, and repeatedly play out memories of who we believe our self to be.

When we are awake we choose who we are in each moment, discovering our Self; free of limitation and doubt. Living awake means living enlivened, as everything you encounter is a first time experience.

How do you choose to live?

Do You Ever Stop Thinking?

Awakened, awake, mindfulness, happy, enlightenmentWhen do your thoughts begin each day? Is there a moment just as you are waking that is before thought? Maybe even before you open your eyes? And what about when they end, just as you are drifting into slumber; is there a moment when you let go of all thought and thinking?

Are there any other moments within your day that you are just experiencing, just being – without thought? Tiny moments where you experience reality as it really is, without any thought attached, without any learned meaning, history or memory.

You can even choose a moment right now; to experience yourself and the world as it really is.

Find something to look at; it may be your computer screen or a pen nearby or even your hand. Take a moment to breathe while you open your eyes to look at it; to really look at it and see what is actually there. Really seeing requires no thought, and as soon as a thought appears in your mind to help define what you are looking at, then you are no longer really seeing. You are now thinking.

What do you see when you are no longer thinking?

The Practical Guide to Self-Love, part 1

Self-help, self-love, acceptance, meditation, happy, lifeWhen you think about self-love it is often hard to know what that even is, let alone how to actually practice it. Through my journey of discovery I feel compelled to share with you what works for me, and many of the clients I work with.

However, I am not going to pretend that these answers will be your answers. These words and knowledge only become relevant and helpful when you integrate them into your own life, when you experience them. When you have your own ah-har moment and it sinks in for life. But they can be your road map, your guide to show you the way, and to be right there with you for each step.

And right now I am not going to give you a list, I am going to jump right to the big kahuna, the main event; My Number One of how to love yourself…..

Through Your Thoughts.

And more importantly, through recognising that your thoughts are not who you really are.

Our thoughts are with us most of the time, however when we hear about self-love this aspect is so often left out, or dealt with through offerings of affirmations. I’m sure you have all heard before an array of phrases that are intended to help uplift you, if you remember to say them enough. And you have most likely also heard suggestions such as; have a long bath with candles, go for a walk on the beach, or even take yourself out for dinner – which are all great suggestions but if you are fighting and berating yourself within your own head, then you will find that you are just going out for dinner with bad company!

Your thoughts follow you around, is what I’m saying. So let’s start there.

Your thoughts have the power to shape your reality, to create your perspective of the world. So how does the voice inside your head sound? You know it, the voice that tells you something bad might happen, or that part of you that second guesses things, the voice that tells you you can’t do it, or you’re not smart enough. The voice that is right there with you when you stumble, saying you always do that!

If you are not aware of this voice, then take some time to observe it. Get to know it as if you have allowed in a new addition to your facebook feed. How does it sound? Is it positive and encouraging? Or is it harsh and destructive? Is it there for you when you need it, or does it put you down and belittle you?

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Once you discover your little friend in the fridge you can begin to distance yourself from it. It helps to visualise the voice in your head – to give it an image. For example; mine is a little dark brown fury critter that scurries around and grumbles sometimes. Picture a wombat crossed with a squirrel. But once you can ‘see’ it then you can begin to distance yourself from it. You can start to understand and experience that this voice is not actually you.

That’s enough from me for today because now it’s your turn. Close your eyes and visualise the voice in your head. Give it a colour, shape or even a body. You may not ‘see’ the image, you may ‘know’ or sense what it looks like and what it is. Then work with this image for the next few days, when you recognise the thoughts within your head are particularly loud or unhelpful or even mean, summons the image you have assigned to the voice and nurture it for a moment; like you would a puppy that was upset, or a baby that was crying. What happens when you do this?

No Matter Too Small

I would like to share an experience that occurred yesterday, an experience which turned a period of frustration into yet another reminder of how much help there is available to us from the universe.

Yesterday I spent about 25 minutes looking for a voucher. I was looking in drawers, cupboards, files of paper, and getting increasingly frustrated. Until I had a flashing thought; ask the angels for help.

Angels, Guidance, Intuition, how to, ask, helpWith no meditation or prior connection I asked; “Angels, can you please help me find this voucher soon as I really don’t want to spend anymore of my day looking for it?”

A clear and distinct thought shot through the clutter of my mind; stop looking, and move back from the table.

This was the part that fascinated me the most; I had just asked for help yet when I received a message in return, I didn’t listen. I responded by thinking – yeah but I want to keep looking under the table because this is where I think it is…I can’t stop looking because I have to leave soon….blah blah excuse blah… And even though I had already been looking through the papers ‘filed’ under the table for a while, I still wanted to continue looking where my logic was telling me the voucher should be.

As I continued searching under the table I heard the same thought again, in the same distinct tone and clarity; stop looking, and move back from the table.

This time I listened, and even though I wasn’t clear on where to look after I stopped looking under the table, I followed the guidance anyway. I moved back, away from the table and paused. I stopped looking. In a moment of silence and non-action, I sat back on my heals and just enjoyed the nothingness. I allowed myself to stop even though part of my mind was telling me there was no way I should stop looking.

This time another thought appeared from the midst of the stillness that I had created through stopping; look in the wallets. ‘Wallets’ as a plural was weird and stood out, so I decided right away that must mean to look in my partner’s wallet. I got up and walked straight over to find his wallet, opened it up and pulled out a stack of cards…

BOOM! I found the voucher!

This experience made me realise how often we ignore intuition, wisdom, and guidance; even when we’ve just asked for it! Our logical, left-brain thinking often overrides our intuition, discounting the message or thought if it can’t immediately see how that could bring about the desired result. This kind of left-brained thinking often leads to feeling as though you’re living your life swimming upstream, struggling with thought and reason, and moving against the current.

When in any moment, you can just swivel around and cruise. Allowing, listening and acting on one small thought stemming from intuition propels you immediately back into the flow, even if you haven’t felt in the flow for years.


Lessons From My Life Adventure, 8 April

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The cause of all my suffering and struggle is thought.

This is something that I have learnt, however from time to time I still seem to forget it.
And each time I forget it I feel as though I am carried away in a rising flood of insurmountable problems, pushed to the brink til I almost go under… but then it happens; that special moment when I remember.

In that moment I let go of all of the drama and worrisome thoughts,
and the water instantly evaporates.

I am ME again.

My True Self.