Feel Like You’re In An Emotional Washing Machine?

The Shift, Energy, Old patterns, change behaviours, psychic, forecast, 2014If you are like me, you might have been thinking that you were done with all of the heaviness, old patterns, behaviours and general baggage back with the ending of 2013, but that does not appear to be the case.

We are currently in a period that feels very similar to that old way of being; where we are being confronted with our old ‘stuff’ once more.

But never fear, as even though this feels very similar to last year, there is actually a lot more that is very different going on. At present we are actually in a period of opportunity! And even though you may feel as though you are travelling backwards, I assure you, you are not.

In this current period we are being given an opportunity to define who we are now, and more importantly; who we want to be!

So when you are presented with something that feels old, seize this opportunity to act in a new way. You do not have to revert back to how you used to behave, you can define to the universe who you are now and who you want to be.

So get out there people and seize the moment! However, just an added note; to be extra kind to yourself during this period, so you don’t let these big energies get you down.

Define who you want to be in 2014 and, trusting we all get through this period of emotional and energetic turmoil, we will be able to enjoy a much calmer March!


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  1. I needed this today! “We are being given an opportunity to define who we are now, and more importantly; who we want to be!” I love that. Thanks for the encouragement and hope! I’m looking forward to following along 🙂


    1. Hi Lauren,
      Great, thank you for your comments. I’m really happy it helped!! Have a great day!


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