Make One Decision Today

Join me in a little experiment today.

Start your day today by making a single decision.

Decide what you want for yourself and the day you are about to experience.

Do you want joy, happiness, peace, love, connection, success?

Once you have chosen what it is you want for today,
what the essence of your experience in the world will be,
then repeat your statement to yourself.

As you say or think these words begin to notice how you feel when you say them.

That’s right, close your eyes for a minute and connect with your statement,
connect with the choice you have made for yourself.

Ponder for a moment what your day could be like if everything you felt, thought,
did and said stemmed from this one decision.

What could your day be like if everything was infused with the essence of your statement?

Now, write it down in several places, put it up as your phone’s wallpaper, share it on your social media! Declare your decision to the world and then observe what happens throughout your day.

I know when I choose love I feel better about myself,
I have deeper and more connected interactions with people.

When I choose love I am experience love in so many places;
I see it in a smile from a stranger,
I hear it in the way I speak to others and how they speak to me,
I see it in the beauty that is all around me,

and I feel it stemming from deep within me.

What is your decision for today?


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