Have You Connected Into Angels?

Angels, archangel, michael, connect, talk to, psychic, how toWorking with angels has become a part of my daily practice.

I call on them when I feel sad, angry or upset, I call on them when I am feeling awesome, I call on them when I need something and I call on them to say thank you. I call on them just to feel their presence and I definitely call on them when I’m working with a client.

But it wasn’t that long ago that I would have sworn to you that I didn’t believe in angels. They were too religiousy for me, and too fairy-tale land.

I have come into the work I do as a sceptic-realist, and basically fought awakening my inner hippie very hard; expanding my mind just a little bit at a time, just enough to not feel too crazy. Until some time would pass and I would grow comfortable in my new horizons and then I would open up and expand a little bit more.

So how did I make the leap to work with angels – and to even be able to say that out loud?

Feeling – it was all feeling. My head was certainly the last to accept angels into my life, but I couldn’t deny what I felt. It really all started with using angel oracle cards which were a gift from a friend. And I love oracle cards so I dove right in – EVEN though they were angel cards…

I pulled a card and read the corresponding message in the book which invited you to close you eyes and call in archangel michael. From this moment, unbeknownst to me, my life was to be permanently changed.

I felt a strong flutter in my chest, I felt tingling running up and down my whole body. And I felt good! I felt damn good! And all of a sudden I was light and bubbly, I laughed easily feeling more free, loving and expansive than I had five minutes before calling him in.

I was hooked! It was such a tangible experience that my logical and rational conscious mind could not fight it – even though it tried. In the days after this initial experience I would hear the old cynical voice came in my head but then I would just close my eyes, and call out for archangel michael to come to me three times and once again I would feel the rush of loving fun and bubbly energy all through my body, right on cue!

Today, try and park your critical thinking conscious mind just for the purpose of a brief experiment.

Go inward, open up to feel. Start by feeling your heart beating in your chest and breathe right into it. As if you can expand it with every breath in that you take.Then go ahead, just call in the angels or a specific angel, it really doesn’t matter. Just do it!

Then, ask yourself if I was feeling the presence of angels right now, what would that be?

Ignite your inner detective and feel it out. You might just surprise yourself and open up a whole new world!


There’s Something Frustrating In The Air!

Psychic, energy, anger, peace, overwhelmedFeeling like a meltdown? Is life getting too much and all you really want to do is go back to bed or run off and live in the hills?

You’re not the only one feeling completely overwhelmed at the moment. And no, your life isn’t suddenly too much for you to handle, it just feels that way. There is a difference.

There is so much going on energetically that right now the best thing you can do is to remember that you don’t have to associate the strong energy you’re feeling to what’s going on in your life.

If you are feeling angry, upset or frustrated just let yourself feel that way without attaching thought or a reason to it.

For example; If you feel angry you don’t have to then decide it must be because your boss speaks harshly to you, or made you work on the weekend. Or if you’re feeling frustrated you don’t have to then think that’s because your partner hasn’t done the dishes, or you can’t stick to your diet.

Just feel whatever you’re feeling and stop there! And when you don’t attach thought to the energy then you can actually channel it more easily into something else – anything else just not thinking!

Go and buy some chocolate and curl up to a movie, or go for a run or even a boxing class! Find other ways to expend the energy you’re experiencing instead of funneling it straight into thought.

This is not the time to re-evaluate yourself and your life, just be, just feel and just live. If we remember this then we will all get through this highly charged, energetic period in one piece!

Feel Like You’re In An Emotional Washing Machine?

The Shift, Energy, Old patterns, change behaviours, psychic, forecast, 2014If you are like me, you might have been thinking that you were done with all of the heaviness, old patterns, behaviours and general baggage back with the ending of 2013, but that does not appear to be the case.

We are currently in a period that feels very similar to that old way of being; where we are being confronted with our old ‘stuff’ once more.

But never fear, as even though this feels very similar to last year, there is actually a lot more that is very different going on. At present we are actually in a period of opportunity! And even though you may feel as though you are travelling backwards, I assure you, you are not.

In this current period we are being given an opportunity to define who we are now, and more importantly; who we want to be!

So when you are presented with something that feels old, seize this opportunity to act in a new way. You do not have to revert back to how you used to behave, you can define to the universe who you are now and who you want to be.

So get out there people and seize the moment! However, just an added note; to be¬†extra kind to yourself during this period, so you don’t let these big energies get you down.

Define who you want to be in 2014 and, trusting we all get through this period of emotional and energetic turmoil, we will be able to enjoy a much calmer March!

Make One Decision Today

Join me in a little experiment today.

Start your day today by making a single decision.

Decide what you want for yourself and the day you are about to experience.

Do you want joy, happiness, peace, love, connection, success?

Once you have chosen what it is you want for today,
what the essence of your experience in the world will be,
then repeat your statement to yourself.

As you say or think these words begin to notice how you feel when you say them.

That’s right, close your eyes for a minute and connect with your statement,
connect with the choice you have made for yourself.

Ponder for a moment what your day could be like if everything you felt, thought,
did and said stemmed from this one decision.

What could your day be like if everything was infused with the essence of your statement?

Now, write it down in several places, put it up as your phone’s wallpaper, share it on your social media! Declare your decision to the world and then observe what happens throughout your day.

I know when I choose love I feel better about myself,
I have deeper and more connected interactions with people.

When I choose love I am experience love in so many places;
I see it in a smile from a stranger,
I hear it in the way I speak to others and how they speak to me,
I see it in the beauty that is all around me,

and I feel it stemming from deep within me.

What is your decision for today?