Everything Is Happening For Me

Abundance, Mindset, How to, Happiness, PositiveEverything is happening FOR me is a powerful concept which helps you to align with the flow of the universe.

It means that you live your life from the perspective that everything that goes on in your reality is exactly what you need in that moment, and that it has something FOR you.

This is very different to believing everything happens TO you. When you think everything is happening TO you it is easy to slip into a victimised mentality in which you feel powerless and defensive.

Everything happening FOR you means that the random person who said hello to you on your walk to work did so as a gift for you that you needed in that precise moment. It means the the number sequence that you keep seeing everywhere does hold significance for you. It means that the person you bumped into who you haven’t seen for years holds a special gift for you.

You feel special and powerful with this mindset, and learn to be a conscious creator of your reality, in total sync with the universe.

When you view the world with everything happening for you, you are empowered; realising that everything is just as it should be even if it might not feel like it at the time. This mindset helps you to know that what is happening right now, even though it might feel bad or hard actually has something FOR you.

When you view a situation from this mindset you are able to see the good and the positive of all situations, you are able to learn from them and grow as a person. Your outlook about your reality and the world moves to be positive and welcoming of everything that happens, because you accept what is happening in the moment and go with the flow knowing it is just as it should be.

This doesn’t mean that you know how or why it is happening, it just means that you know it is exactly as it should be.

A huge example for me was a car accident I was in a little while ago, in which no-one was injured however it ended up costing a lot of money – in fact money which I am still paying off. As the weeks and months past I began to see that being pushed off the proverbial edge with my financial situation actually propelled me to asses and heal my views about money and more specifically heal the beliefs I held which were stemming from lack. It also spurred me on to create further streams of income, learn more about business marketing, and hold higher value of what I do. I can also see that I might not have done any of this if I continued to exist just getting by.

Right through this event I kept coming back to the knowing that this was happening FOR me, even though I couldn’t see how or why at the time. Knowing this offered me the strength I needed to change my life for the better. And that is the clincher, you don’t have to know how or why it is happening for you, you just know that it is. You trust and have faith in your knowing that everything IS happening for you. You don’t need to know the details at the time, because that awareness usually comes further down the track.


Close your eyes for a moment and notice how you feel when you think everything is happening TO you?

Then, do this again, and notice how you feel when you believe everything is happening FOR you?

Which feels better for YOU?

Now, consciously try this out for a day or two. Hold the concept in your mind, and play with it. Experience your life with this knowing and see how you feel, notice how your perspective changes. What do you notice about your experiences that you might not have seen before?


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